First Time in 5 Years

Today, is the first time in almost exactly 5 years that I have thrown up.


Gross huh.


I have been headachey and nauseous the last few days, and then this morning at 5:30 am while putting on mascara, I threw up. It’s a good thing I was leaning over the toilet while applying makeup.  I feel 75% better. Its weird though, I am obviously not a barfer, it grosses me out, and I find it difficult. I always cry a bit. Not nice.

click for recipe. Mine was Jello Pudding Brand, but homemade looks amazing!

So I’m at home laying on the couch. Mr. Gaunt bought me Rice pudding (so good) and Whole Grain English Muffins (also so good) and Ginger Ale (disgusting, I hate anything Ginger) so I’m doing well.

For anyone who worries that I could be pregnant, this is absolutely not the case, and I would like to note that it is super annoying that once you are in your twenties any time you throw up people think you are pregnant.

I’m hoping I feel better this afternoon as I need to go get jeans, and we have dinner plans with an old coworker.


I hate being sick.