2010 in REVIEW

TOP 12 things that happened to me in 2010!

1. I hit my 75 pound lost mark! (FEBRUARY 21st)

2. Mr. Gaunt and I started Couples Counseling (February 5th)

3. I Quit Weight Watchers (March 18th)

4. I Went Golfing for the first time (April 20th)

5. I Got my man on the healthy bandwagon (April 3rd)

6. I got to celebrate another Momma Birthday with her in Washington (March 26th)

7. We made the decision to move to Washington (June 20th)

8. I bought a wore proudly a skirted Swimsuit (June 18th)

9. We started our painting business (July 15th)

10. We Got Engaged! (July 10th)

11. I turned 25 (September 12th)

12. I tried on a wedding Dress (January 30th)

So its been a really great year. I also want to note how proud of myself that give or take a few pounds I have maintained my weight loss, and am on track to losing more weight. Also scrolling through the last year of this blog I am so pleased with how many yummy dishes I made and how my photography is even getting better.  I have big plans for this coming year that I will post tomorrow in my RESOLUTIONS & GOALS post.




Whats Up?

My weight…lol!

No not really. Well, to be honest I’m giving myself a one week cleanse before stepping on the scale. That way I don’t just plunge into a deep dark weight depression. I definitely indulged a little…not too much by any means. I’m pretty ok with how the holidays went.

Today though after adding in my calorie intake I only have about 250 calories left for dinner. That my friends is a bummer. Oh well, it is what it is.

I did pay close attention to how “crappy foods” affected my body. My mouth felt sugar-coated and thirsty after a weekend of Almond Roca. My tummy felt swollen and achy after too much meat. All in all I am SOOOOO glad that these are now rare feelings, and better yet, that my body has NEGATIVE reactions to bad food…you know you have a problem when your body has no reaction to bad foods, when it’s just use to the crap you dump down your throat. Thank you body for knowing whats up. I promise to continue to respect you and feed you well.

So we have one week until RESOLUTION DAY! Ok New Years day.

I’m still thinking on my Resolutions. I have a few. Some health related, some mental, some relationship, some business. I’m going to do a fun project to help Mr. Gaunt and I focus on these goals. I’m looking forward to the New Year. It should be VERY exciting and interesting.
Mr. Gaunt and I have started organizing and doing a little mild packing. We put away all of our Summer clothes, things we knew we wouldnt need in the next 3 months. I’m slowly organizing and packing all of my craft supplies, because I have no plans to craft before we move. It’s a slow…somewhat paitnfull…process. We need to make a room by room plan so I don’t lose my head over it.

Well I’m off to have some tea! I leave you with a few Healthy Appetizer recipes in case you are going to any New Years parties!



Roasted Cauliflower and Curry Spread

Garlicky Spinach Balls

Cucumber, Pomegranate and Bacon Canape (recomend turkey bacon)

Caprese Salad

Cherry Tomatoes Filled With Creamy Pesto Cheese

Warm Artichoke and Bean Dip




Shoe-Years Resolution!

Well this obviously wasn’t one of my main New Years Resolutions, but I did make it. This year I decided I want to wear more high heels, well more stylish shoes in general. See I’ve always been a purse gal, I have about a million purses and I love getting more! I think I love them because it doesn’t matter what size you are, a purse always fits. Shoes are a whole nother thing. As far as I can remember I’ve been a size 10, which sounds big, but a lot of  women are right around there.  Since losing weight though my feet have shrunken to about a 9.5 (how the heck does that work?) so some of my old shoes don’t really fit that well. Most of my adult life I have religiously worn flip flops, year-round. I love them! They are cheap and comfy! I also have always had this weird thing where I like a shoes that makes my feet look wider. I know it sounds crazy, but when I would wear tiny shoes (like high heels and even some tennis shoes) that made my feet look narrower I always felt like it made my body look huge in comparison. Wide feet match a wide body! Ha…my own neurosis!

Anyways this year I’m giving it an honest effort to upgrade my shoes and try to wear less flip flops. Here are a few shoes I have acquired over the last month or two:

From Savers

From some trashy shoe store in the mall

From Target

From Plato's Closet