Our Pink House

When we moved in the house looked a little something like this…


Now it looks a like this…

JUNE 2011

Funny huh.  We did a tiny bit of landscaping too which makes it look a little better. My landlords picked the paint color, and while it’s not anything I would pick, it’s not bad. It’s unique. The doors still needs to be painted (black we think) along with the mailbox. There is also a little bit of trim on the right window that had to be repaired and will be painted later. Other than that I plan on ripping out that big UGLY bush on the right and putting in a white Lilac Tree that my brother gave me. I also think its funny how the tree in the foreground has gotten so lush!

A few other shots of the house


JUNE 2011

In the back you can see where we put in the patio. Also before there was a large dirt bed (on the left) and two circle beds in the middle that we filled using the grass from the patio spot. I’m so pleased with how well the grass took, you cant even see the spots! I would like to re-lay the stones the are to the left of the porch where the hose is. The hose had a really awful leaking problem and it became a mud zone over there. Other than that the walk was edged and things were just cleaned up a bit. Oh and all the gutters were also replaced.


JUNE 2011

MAY 2011

JUNE 2011

JUNE 2011

Tada! Oh the wonders that paint and spring can do for a house! Oh and in case anyone really wants to know, the colors are Benjamin Moore BAKED TERRA COTTA and FRAPE

Our Kitchen

I finally got around to photographing the rest of the house, so I’m going to try to post all the rooms this weekend.

I had previously posted our bedroom, and now its time for the Kitchen!

We actually got really lucky and didn’t have to d a whole lot to the kitchen. The whole kitchen and cabinets are all white, which I may have changed if I had been really motivated, but in the end I’m pleased with how bright and white it is. The floor is the exception though. The white linoleum (that I had previously cleaned) is such a pain in the ass. Anytime anyone walks across it I have to mop. I’m not even lying when I say I probably mop the floor 3-4 times A DAY and it still looks kinda crappy. If we at any point had an extra couple hundred dollars laying around I would put in a darker laminate. Until then, I’ll just mop a lot.

I had also redone the inside of the cabinets and drawers (posted here ) other than that it was just a matter of putting things away and decorating a little. I would say there is a very slight “neon” theme in this room. I have lots of Neon orange, green and yellow scattered around the room. The big bakers rack we actually found on clearance (for $15 regularly $65) at The Home Depot a few months ago, and had never taken out of the box. I had really hoped to have a kitchen or a laundry room that it would fit in, and we did! originally the fridge was suppose to live where the bakers rack is, but it took up way too much room, so it lives around the corner in the mud room.

Other than that we replaced the kitchen faucet, and I bought some new trash cans and recycling bins (from Ikea) and a cute grey rug (also Ikea) and the was that. Its one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Despite the fact that this kitchen might be smaller than our other kitchen, it actually has so much more storage space because the cabinets ar so large, plus little cabinets on top to store small appliances I don’t use very often. I actually have a lot of empty cabinets and 1 empty drawer. Its awesome!

You can get your own glass heart from Gaia Glass. I love the lime green color of this!

Living Room Before and After

The livingroom in this house is pretty awesome, its huge and square and has nice windows. Now the we have decorated it I like it even more, but when I first walked in, it left much to be desired. The paint was a very dingy beige, with beige trim and beige ceilings. The walls were also FULL of cracks and dirt and yucky! Its kind of hard to see the major difference, but I swear it looks so much better, cameras hide the dirt and distort the colors. I SWEAR I did NOT paint it the same color, the last two pics show the more accurate color difference. Ugg…I REALLY need a good camera.

Oh and the color is Ralph Lauren Forde Abbey in Eggshell with Ultra Pure White in Semi Gloss.

House Tour #2

The house is mostly unpacked and decorated….yay! It looks pretty darn cute if I do say so.

Before I show you some of the decorated rooms, I wanted to show you Video #2 of the house after I painted and did repairs to all the rooms. Again ignore my rambling awkward talking (in fact its best to just turn your sound off): Oh and in case you want to watch VIDEO #1 (pre-repairs and paint) Ill post that one first:

And the LATEST video:

Lobor of Loathe (and contact paper!)

I wrote half of a total meltdown post, then deleted it. The house has turned to a much more expensive and labor intensive project than I had hoped for. I know I have plenty of time to do things, but I don’t own this house, so putting hundreds of dollars and hours into a house I’m just renting is hard. But after Mr. Gaunt saw my slightly panicked Facebook post, he called me and let me cry it out. I’m still feeling very overwhelmed, but I’m going to call my landlords and my dad and see if I can some help on this this week.

And instead of a giant list of all the things that are stressing me out, I instead am going to show you some things I have been working on.

TODAYS FUN PROJECT: Kitchen Cabinets…the insides!

Unfortunately I didn’t take great “before” pics of the whole set of cabinets, but I did get some pretty good interior shots. You can also watch this video to see more of the before:

I hadn’t originally planned to paint the insides of the cabinets. However when I went to get contact paper, I ended up getting this faux snake skin black. You can hardly tell its snake-skin, but it is a bit thicker and softer than your traditional contact paper. Also I am morally opposed to any contact paper that isn’t adhesive….it ALWAYS comes up…yuck. So when I got home with my new black contact paper I opened the cabinets and realized the insides were already PAINTED black. So I decided that I needed to paint them so as to not create black-hole cabinets. The blue was actually in the garage already so I used it, its bright and fun.

Since I have a lot of time to complete all of these projects, I have really tried to take my time and do them correctly. I have visions in my head of some pretty “wing-it” contact paper applying of my childhood.  So this time around I measured the inside length (+2″ ) and depth with a tape measure, and then laid my contact paper upside down on a scrap piece of carpet. Thank the lord whomever made those grid marks on the back of the contact paper…genius…pure genius. So I cut it with my Exacto knife and laid on my clean and freshly painted cabinet. I applied about 6 inches at a time pulling the paper side out from underneath it. I went all the way back into the “blind corner” to get full coverage. In the end the only slight error was that the depth of my cabinet varied slightly from one end to the other. I ended up pulling the paper to the front edge so any variance wasnt really visible. Other than that I was pleased with how easily the paper came back up when I laid it wrong. I assume this is because it’s a nicer style as opposed to that cheap plastic (but very sticky) paper.

And so the after!

I suppose you may be wondering about the top shelf still being black. Well that was left for a few reasons. (1) Its WAY up there (2) It actually had nicer floral contact paper (3) After I had left it I thought it looked kinda cool. So it stays!

I still have a bit more work to do. There are a number of drawers that at least need a bottom liner, and the lower cabinets. However I ran out of contact paper and when I went back to get more they were out. So I’ll have to wait a while.

I’m pretty pleased with this little project! In total it cost me less than $15 and took me probably 8 hours (all that scraping). Next up the Living Room!