Easter Fun!

As a child I LOVED Easter! As and adult I’m stoked to finally have Easter at my house! Despite the fact that there are no kids in the family yet, I’m going all out this year!

I only did some mild decorating, to keep it classy, and cheap.

The first project I did was..umm..FREE! Easy and Fun! It’s a GREAT kids project too. I did it while watching Big Love on my couch one evening.  The directions are HERE (including an Egg Patern) it’s a good idea to make them all the same, looks cuter. I picked mostly pastel colors, but you can do bright colors too. Definitely use Behr Paint Chips from The Home Depot as they are large enough to get two eggs from one chip without getting any text on the egg.

The only other decorating I did was these four wooden Eggs I found at Value Village (already Painted). They were $2.5 for the four of them, and I love them! Vegan friends of ours came over and I showed them these. They ended up buying wooden eggs at a craft store and painting them with their daughter (instead of dying real eggs, which obviously isn’t Vegan). I like how glossy these ones are.

Today I sat down and planned out my Easter Menu and Shopping List. I think I might need to get a Costco batch of Eggs..lol! The three things on the Menu are:

-Eggs ala Goldenrod

-Butterscotch Bird Nests

-Deviled Eggs

and probably Ham or Bacon from my mom’s Pig.

All I need now is a fun spring cocktail!

Veggie Calzones

I went a few weeks ago to Olympia to hang out with my BFF Mallory and her Fiance Aaron.  Aaron jokingly said I could only stay if I cooked for them…lol. Mallory is Vegetarian, so I did what I always do and FoodGawker’ed  “vegetarian” looking for something new and exciting, that’s when I saw it, Vegetarian Calzones….Holla! This was super exciting!

My recipe was very roughly based off this recipe. However, I’m not really a “make your own dough” kinda girl, so we headed to the magical land of Trader Joe’s. We didn’t have Trader Joe’s in Colorado, so I’m very excited to add them to my weekly shopping, as I hear nothing but good things. We got everything for this meal there, including Whole Wheat pizza dough.


-Fat Free Ricotta Cheese

-Low Fat mozzarella

-Red Pepper



-Basil (fresh)

-Italian ToFurky Sausage

-2 packages of Whole Wheat Pizza Dough



-Let the dough sit out for 20 minutes, as the package says to do so.

-Chop onions, garlic, peppers, and Sausage

-Saute vegetables in olive oil, add sausage and Saute that too.

-Meanwhile mix the Ricotta and the Mozzarella and Chopped fresh Basil into a large mixing bowl.

-When the veggies and Sausage are cooked, mix them into the cheese bowl (its fine if they are still a bit hot).

-Set aside the “insides” and separate the dough into 4 balls, roll out with a little flour into ovals. Put a big scoop of the “inside” mixture int he center of the dough, fold over and crimp. Bake based on your dough’s instructions. We also added little bowls of marinara for dipping.


Use up the Turkey

To use up all our frozen Ground Turkey I made a HUGE batch (like 35-40) of Curry Turkey Meatballs. Recipe Here. These are pretty awesome, and are great on day two, or three. We took them to lunch a couple of days too! I highly recommend them.

The first night we had them I made Asparagus (no butter…don’t ruin delicious Asparagus by coating it in butter) and Tzatsiki (I had leftover from this recipe) sauce to dip them in!  Best random decision I have made in the kitchen.

Night two we had them with Organic Whole Grain Mac n Cheese, which we added sliced Chicken Apple Sausage, onions, and corn too. I don’t even remember the last time I ate plain Mac n Cheese. Usually I add kale or Spinach, or broccoli. If you are “doctoring up your mac” then you are missing out.


7 Layer Mediterranean Dip

I find it super annoying that everyone always brings a 7 layer dip to parties…always…like you could bet money on it. The overall concept of a 7 layer dip sounds pretty good, but usually its a disgusting mush ball of refried beans and sourcream…gag! I hate refried beans a lot, they might be my least favorite foods.  Anyway for the Superbowl I wanted to make a new modern (refried bean-less) 7 layer dip, show people that it could be really good and not disgusting. When searching FoodGawker I stumbled upon something even better!And so I present to you (in pictures) 7 Layer Mediterranean Dip:

(ingredients from this recipe) modified slightly

-1  tub of Hummus
-1 peeled and diced cucumbers
-3/4 cup shredded romaine lettuce
-1/2 diced red onions
-1 diced tomatoes
-1/2 cup diced kalamata olives (these are much cheaper if you buy them at a grocery store that has an olive bar)
-1 cup crumbled feta cheese

-Tzatsiki Sauce
-pita chips

And there you have it! We made ours in Tupperware (for easy travel) but it looks very cute in a glass Triffle dish so you can see all the layers!

Freezer Alfredo – Light

When we move I’m very excited about getting a fresh start and paying more attention to what we buy. I have talked about our desires to consume less as far as “stuff” but I would like to add groceries to this too.  It’s so easy to suddenly have a junk drawer full of snack foods, and a freezer full of…umm…what is that? You know you have crap in your freezer that you havent seen in 6 months!

We also end up with lots of odd spices and packets, and odd canned goods. I have big plans to work out a very tight (but functional) budget, especially with wedding coming up and my income being a little iffy. It just gives us such good vibes when we think of all the things we get to try to do better.

So back to the freezer. We are trying to eat everything in the freezer before Mr. Gaunt moves in with his mom for a month. I highly doubt she wants our old frozen food crowding up her space.

So without further rambling, Freezer Alfredo!


-Whole Wheat pasta (two different kinds, as you didn’t have enough of one kind. It’s like a rainbow of carbs in your mouth!)

-Frozen Shrimp (that you think tasted a little freezer burned, but your boyfriend didn’t so he ate it all)

-Turkey Bacon (because you were apparently going to make big breakfasts on the weekends, only didn’t)

-Asparagus (this is actually fresh, but you could have easily used one of the many bags of frozen veggies in the freezer too)

-1 Can of Light Alfredo Sauce (store-bought. Come on people, you don’t have time to make alfredo at home.  Especially not one that only has 60 calories for 1/4 cup!)


-Fry up shrimp in a pan with some olive oil.  Microwave turkey bacon, cut up, and add to the shrimp. Add a little water (1/4 cup) and toss in chopped up Asparagus, cover and let it cook for a 5-7 minutes until the water is pretty much gone and the Asparagus is bright green. Now dump your jar of Alfredo in….lol. Add Pasta (oh yeah you should have been cooking your pasta during all of this). Mix all together in a big pot and serve!

Easy Peasy. Mr. Gaunt loved it…lol, he always likes the dishes I’m mildly embarrassed by.

LOVE-ly Eats!

Valentines Day is coming. Single or not I LOVE VALENTINES day!

I love pink and lace and hearts and all of it!

Today I’m sharing some fun Valentines Day foods. They all give off that sugary sweet look, but without the sugar! Check out these fun un-traditional Valentine treats. (click on the photo to see recipe)


Cauliflower Soup


Rhubarb Cookies



Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto palmier



Iced lavender Lemon Tea Cookies



Beet Ravioli

Tonight we are off to the Stock Show! Yay! Baby cows and fried foods! Pictures to come.