Oh man, wedding weight loss is sooooooooooo ON LIKE DONKY KONG!

You don’t even know how pumped I am to get in shape!

If at any point in the next 160some days I ever think “I’m Bored” I will be working out! No excuses!

Kate can be my Bride Inspiration. Meaning I am inspired to come within 50 pounds of what she weighs…lol!

Anyone else excited about the Royal Wedding?

PS: Femme Fatal is Amazing!

DIY Coat Rack

My mama’s Birthday was on Saturday. I spent the week in my dad’s sweet shop whipping this little ditty up. I knew she needed a new coat rack, but when looking around prices were outrageous! There are all sorts of fun modern ones out there, but I figured I could make one.

My original inspiration came from this blog post on how to make one. I emailed it to my dad and he thought it needed a sturdier base. Anyways, we kind of just “winged it” so I have no real instructions. I suppose you could use the other instructions and just attach a round base. I also used dowel that I bored holes for and glued in, instead of screwing on square branches.

Overall I’m so please with it! I painted it Valspar’s Inchworm, because my mom’s house is all kinds of eclectic. Next up I want to build a kitchen Cart and maybe a picnic table!


My Dad's workshop

unpainted. The branches were done sort of free-form


we used wood filler to fill any gaps for the pegs

Te very sturdy base