Family Meals and The Quarter Pig

This meal was made by my mom last Sunday after we all worked on the yard. One of things I missed the MOST in Colorado was my mom’s cooking, and eating with my family. I really like that I’m the one now with the house that people gather at, it’s really nice. It makes me look forward to holidays coming up!

-Ceasar Salad

-Quinoa Pasta and Pesto

-BBQ Chicken and Sausage and Ham


Normally I don’t eat Pork products. Mostly I have never really been a fan of pork, and partly because it’s just a weird meat. My mom’s friend raises pigs and my mom bought a 1/4 of a pig a few weeks ago. Since then we have had some amazing Bacon, and now really good Ham! I don’t even like Ham, but this was really good. I don’t know, I guess I like when I know where my meat is coming from, plus I swear it tastes way better.

Lets pretend ham isnt pork…ok?

Ha! I dont eat pork, havent for about 4 months. The reasons vary, it started on my Vegan kick and then I brought Chicken back in but left Pork and Beef out. Beef is still WAAAAY out, pork too, except tonight apparently. In Weight Watchers they often promote Canadian Bacon because it is extremely low in points. ┬áLast week I bought a bag of diced Canadian bacon because I had at least two recipes the required it. I dont plan on eating this very often, but tonight’s dinner did include it and it was damn delish!

This is a take on the ham and peas dinner. Im not sure why but ham always seems to go with peas, I added spinach and onions to that too. In fact the whole pasta dish turned out rather green!


-1 Cup cubed Canadian Bacon or Ham

-2 Cups (or half a bag) of frozen Spinach

-1 Cup Frozen Peas

-1 Cup diced onions

-Whole Wheat Pasta

-1 Cup Fat Free 1/2 and 1/2

-3/4 cup cheese of choice (I used skim cheddar and Parmesan)


-Black Pepper

-Red Pepper Flakes

-Minced Garlic


-In a large pot boil pasta.

-Defrost spinach in microwave and place in a paper towel, ring out all excess water.

-In a large pan Saute Garlic and onions. When onions are clear and Garlic is browned add Ham and cook on medium until a little browned. Add Spinach, salt, pepper, pepper flakes, toss until the peas and spinach are all warm and cooked in. Add 1/2 and 1/2 and cheese, mix until all cheese is melted.

-Drain Pasta

-Mix pasta with your veggie ham cream sauce!



I missed my weigh-in last night so I went this afternoon. I knew it wasnt going to be quite as good as the last few weeks, but was really hoping I might hit 60lbs lost. Well I was soooo close but no cigar. 1.4lbs lost putting me at 59.2 total. Really pretty good, and next week will definitely be the week for 60lbs! That means I only have about 15 more pounds to loose by January 1st. There are 44 days left in the year (yeah crazy I know!) which means 6.3 weeks, so I have to loose 2.3lbs per week! I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN!



Homemade Low Fat Whipped Topping