Greek Fest

Ugg, I am back up 5 pounds. Not that 5 pounds is that much because I could lose and gain 5 pounds in a weekend. None the less its kind of lame. I did however quit smoking (a post to come later) so I’m blaming that…lol! Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to count Weight Watchers points for the next 10 days just so I can get back down about 10 pounds for Washington. Counting points is really just a simple way of doing portion control, easier than counting calories. So we will see.

This weekend is our friend Jenny’s birthday celebration so I need to think about food and a gift. Must not over do it! Must stay on track! I don’t have any crazy idea that I will be really skinny when I go to Washington, but all my clothes fit perfect when I’m down about 8 pounds, so no overkill this weekend. As for gifts, I think I need to get crafty!

In Fatter news we went to the Greek Fest and ate a whole ton of shit!  Ha! I love Love Love Greek food (as well as My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Why don’t I own this?) it was all sorts of amazing.

Mr. Gaunt and Ms. G

Strong Man

It was busted

Greek Calamari...meh...only ok.

Greek Salad, my favorite.

I would eat Gyros for every meal if I could