Watching our Raspberries grow has been one of the coolest parts of living here. All props go to the previous tenants who actually GREW them, we have just maintained them. When we first moved in we werent even sure what they were, they just looked like sticks. Today they are wild and crazy berry producing MACHINES!

This is after my brother CANED them. Thank god he did or we would have a mess!

I have tried to be really good about picking them so they don’t get rain-rot or spoil. We are really lucky too in that these berries are big fat juicy ones, not like those silly little wild ones. I would say I have probably picked close to 3 gallons of raspberries so far. Some I just froze in ziplock bags (for smoothies and such) some I gave away to people, and a LOT have been made into freezer Jam. Last week I brought Leo, the two year old I babysit, over to the house and showed him how to pick them too.

It’s definately hard to figure what to do with so many berries. Many will in fact rot and go to the birds, but we feel we are taking full advantage of them, so its ok. I have made 3 batches of freezer Jam so far, about 15 8 oz containers and 3 16 oz containers. I looked around a bit for a recipe, but in the end just went with the Ball Freezer recipe. Yes its a fair amount of sugar, but when I was reading about it, it sounds like the sugar is really needed to preserve the berries. I’m also not sure what the difference is between cooked jam and freezer jam, but freezer jam is WAY easier, and it lasts a full year, so that works for me! Ball also puts out a cute line of freezer containers that stack which I really like better than Tupperware. Ball also has an awesome website with a fruit calculator and lots of recipes that you should check out. And there colors are lime green…whats not to love.Oh and a few people have asked if I de-seed my jam. To me this is a ridiculous request, and if you don’t like seeds, don’t make raspberry jam.



Garden Update (for Rita)

Our yard is looking really good these days! I’m always super impressed with how quickly a little sun and rain came make everything so lush and green here. I’ve tried to do a little upkeep here and there. We water on days it doesn’t rain, I pull weeds sometimes…that’s about it. I’m still trying to understand the whole gardening thing. Its coming along I suppose. Our first batch of plants are almost ready to be picked (another week or two) and with the weather warmer these are some things I would like to add to the garden:


-Yellow Squash



-Acorn Squash






-(more) Kale (first batch didn’t do so well)


Although I think we might try the seed route instead of planting Starts this time.

On thing I’m SUPER proud of was our amazing grass transplant to fill in some of the beds we didn’t want. It worked PERFECTLY! The big bed is slightly lower than the rest of the yard, but it’s ok. The two little circle beds are nearly invisible.

Alright I’m going to show you some BEFORE (March 20th & April 10th) and some AFTERS (Saturday)

BEFORE April 20th

AFTER - May 28th

BEFORE April 20th

AFTER - May 28th

BEFORE- April 20th (these are raspberries)

AFTER- May 28th

BEFORE - April 20th

AFTER- May 28th

The rest are just shots from around the yard. The raspberries took off like crazy, but the Blueberries bushes appear to be totally DEAD. I had planned to rip them out until I realized the bottom is full of strawberries, so I’m going to leave them for now. I may just cut them off at the trunk so I can plant more strawberries.

As you can see our lettuce and Kale struggled a bit. A few of them completely disappeared. I’d do more Kale, but not necessarily more lettuce, as we eat way more Kale, and Kale can be cooked and frozen and lettuce cant. Our little baby apple tree is also doing so well! It makes me so happy to know that in 10 years it will be a real big apple tree! Our Hops are currently lying on the ground as they had to remove them to paint (which hasn’t even started yet!!!!!!!!!!!!) and they will stay there until the painters are done (next year at this rate). Other than that there are some rose bushes and grape vines growing along the back fence that are pretty cool.

Can anyone take a guess as to what that purple stuff is? We didnt plant it. Oh and thats the apple tree!

Rose vines

Grape Vines

My First Attempt At Gardening

Well, more like weeding.

This sun was out, and weather.com told me it would stay that way all day (and it has). So I woke up, crawled out of bed and spent the afternoon weeding my front beds.  It was quite a task, and my thighs are a bit sore from squatting, but I completed it!







There are still some bigger bushes that need to be removed, but I will have to borrow some bigger tools from my dad. Mom and I stopped at Joe’s to visit my brother Forrest and got all excited about what we can plant soon! I’m thinking this weekend I might do my herb gardens in these old wine barrel tops my mom got from her work.


I pulled out two buckets worth of weeds



The crazy treasures I found while weeding!

My afternoon of weeding was spent listening to Cee Lo Pandora…amazing.

The evening is winding down to Mazzy Star Pandora…splendid.




Spring is Here!

I won this yesterday at a baby shower. Pot from Ikea

It’s the first day of SPRING! And the morning is just sunny enough to capture some dewey photos of the yard. The yard was the BIG seller on this house, Mr. Gaunt and I have never had a yard. In our last house we didn’t even have a porch or patio, which meant that brand new BBQ we bought 3 years ago has never come out of the box.

So when the option came up, we were ok taking a smaller more run-down house in order to get a yard (and neighborhood for that matter). I am no magician with plants, despite the fact that my mom and grandma are amazing gardens. My brother is a PROFESSIONAL Farmer (at Joe’s Garden, go there!) and my dad has done everything from landscaping, to serious composting, and all that’s in-between. Me, I’ve killed probably 4 house plants, and 5 Basil Plants.

So I’ve been reading up about Urban Farming, and gardening, and I’m excited to start planting! I’m kind of waiting for Mr. Gaunt to get here though, because he knows a bit more about this stuff than I do. So in the mean time the yard will sit un kept, with big future plans!


Coming out the back door

I was told these were raspberries, but I dont think they are. Anyone know what they might be?

Note: the entire house and garage are supose to be painted as soon as the weather gets nice.

The Front Yard

Again, new roof, and the outside will be painted when the weather gets nicer.