Four Days notes to Self

-You will look very nice. You will look like you. No one will be let down.

-The projects will come together, they will make sense, they will be quirky and beautiful.

-Mr. Gaunt will be there, and you trust him.

-You planned enough. Its well-organized.

-The food will be amazing, people will eat it.

-You have a great DJ who will help run the show.

-Your friends are all here. Never have you had so much support in one place.

-Its ok to let it go.

-Its ok that your house is a mess of boxes.

-Your appointments are booked.

-There is one more day of work.

-Rely on your friends.

-Your photographer is coming, he will be here, it will be ok.

-Your nails are long, for the first time ever. They will look nice.

-Everything you ordered arrived, on time too.

-Your hair will come together, just trust.

-Your skin is blemish free

-Your going on a Honeymoon with the man of your dreams in 6 days.

-Next week there is no more wedding. Enjoy this week.

-Kiss Mr. Gaunt a lot. Remember he is prize.

-Your shoes fit

-The rehersal dinner is booked and ordered and will not require much from you.

-The music will be lovely.

-Its ok that  you didn’t learn to dance, a rock back fourth is still sweet.

-Your yard is mowed

-Your cell phone was in the lost and found at the bar. It pays to have a ghetto phone that no one wants to steal.

-Mom seems way more sane than you, she’s on top of things.

-Mom got cute shoes, a first? (:

-Your bridesmaids are all unique, beautiful and have great dresses and style.

-You get to meet baby Cecilia, your…ahem…God Daughter. (sweet baby smells….sigh)

Now go get dressed, get some coffee, and enjoy your last day at work as an unmarried women. Then go buy Bridesmaids and watch it with your girls!

Wedding Ball Rolling

With all the moving and craziness I was feeling a bit like I was getting behind on my wedding planning. I actually thought April 24th was 6 months until our wedding, and then I realized its only FIVE! I lost a whole month in there. I didn’t even get to post the obnoxious “I’ll be Mrs. Gaunt in SIX MONTHS” post on Facebook….sad day.

Today I bought a new notebook/sketchbook to help me be a bit more organized.

I also went through my entire “Wedding Ideas” folder on my desktop and organized it so it’s not 400+ photos overwhelming me. See…

Some may call it crazy, but I like all the visuals reminding me of all the cool stuff I want to do.

I also locked down a photographer. This comes as a surprise as we weren’t going to even really do one, and then the wedding gods all got together and made a little wedding miracle all the way from Texas…I know…whoulda thought?

Thursday we have a meeting with *fingers crossed* hopefully our DJ. We got a great recommendation (THANKS KAYLEAH!) and are hoping to put a deposit down soon.

So things are moving along, but we are in full on planning mode now, no more brainstorming, we are moving forward!

Oh and since this post was super duper boring, here are a few BEAUTIFUL wedding photos for yah…



Please Forgive

I havent cooked anything worth photographing, nor anything else health related. And to be honest, all I really want to blog about is my life-woes (or non-woes) and my wedding. For this I am sorry that for the next 10 months I may be slightly useless as far as weight loss motivation.

And do I still plan on losing weight for the big day? Well it depends. I spent a good week doing the hunger diet. Oh whats that you ask? It’s where I don’t eat unless I am VERY hungry, and I always go to bed a little hungry. It might seem like starving yourself, but it’s not, I swear I eat. However in 10 days I lost 8 pounds. Yup 8 pounds in 10 days. Wanna guess how many days it took me to gain back? Ok I only gained back 4 pounds, but as you can see I can drop weight and pack it on like its my job! Ha! So I really feel like its futile. I know I eat healthy. I eat when I’m hungry. I make good choices. I don’t work out at a gym, but I have a pretty labor intensive job (for instance last week I was harnessed onto a moving platform 20 feet in the air, where I had to hold a cordless circular saw to cut down a 50 foot wall for a 45 minutes!). I don’t know. I mostly wanted to lose weight for the dress, but over the last few days (and after a dress trying on Hell) I realized that I DO want to look and feel like myself. I want to be comfortable and happy, not stressed. And so I may continue to work on it a little, but I’m going to give a good effort in not stressing. I’m also re thinking my entire feeling on dresses, even lowering my previous budget of **trying to find one under $700*** to insisting on spending less than $250!

So that’s that.

The holidays are coming up! This is nice and not so nice. Again its hard for me to get excited when A. I have so many other plans and things I’m focusing on (especially financially) and B. I’m not with my family. However they are here, and its our first “engaged” Christmas and our last “Not-Married” Christmas so I want to celebrate!

Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to get each other undergarments for Christmas…lol! Seriously. We both are in dire need of all new underwear, socks, undershirts, camis and bras. So that’s what we are getting each other! Lots and lots of underwear! Whats not to like? That way we are buying useful things and not stuff we don’t need. We are moving AND getting married so purchasing other stuff seems silly right now.

We are doing Thanksgiving at Ms. G’s house again. It’s always a good time of cooking and sitting on the porch and drinking Champagne. She’s already planning the menu, and has some amazing Kale recipes in the works! I’ll be making pies, because I like that.

Mr. Gaunt’s Birthday is the 28th, and I want to get him a new portable DVD player. I think I might (for the first time ever) attempt to hit up Target and maybe Best Buy on Black Friday to see if I can’t get a good deal. I don’t have to work that morning, so why not? Im also hoping to get a dinner party at a restaurant planned for his actual birthday, since it’s the big 3-0 and all.

Lastly I have ordered some pieces to put together little surprises for my bridesmaids that will go out next week…eek! And I have a graphic designer working on a quote for all of our paper wedding goods (invites and such) that I will get tonight. Fingers crossed I can afford it!

Last but not least I leave you with a few recipes to remind you how diverse and amazing Kale is! Use it in your Holiday meals!:

Kale Pesto Spread (click the photo to go to the recipe)

Chinese Noodles with Kale and Mushrooms (click the photo to go to the recipe)

Mashed Potatoes and Kale (click the photo to go to the recipe)

Vegan Sweet Potato, Corn, and Kale Chowder

The Perfect Sunday Man

For anyone who has lived closely with me(Mr. Gaunt)knows that Sundays are the bane of my existence. The love hate relationship I have with them, often turns me into a bitchy crying unproductive bump on a log.

Sundays for me are usually:

– Wanting/needing to go grocery shopping, but being too poor.

-Having a mountain of laundry to do, with no quarters, or no time to do it.

-A messy disgusting house that usually puts me in such a funk that I can’t even manage to clean it.

-So much stress that the weekend is almost over and I will have to return to work, that I can’t accomplish anything.

It’s all very pathetic and like I said, unproductive. Sundays are often the day when I let the little things get to me and the world comes tumbling down. The weather pisses me off, money stresses me out, I cry over my lack of house wife skills, and of course any and all feelings of weight/body image comes up. Lets just say Sundays and I are not friends.

At our company picnic on Friday. Drinking Sangria and 11am

Today however was the PERFECT Sunday, in fact, it was the best day of the week! And as cheesy and mushy it is to say, it was all because of my Perfect Sunday Man.

Mr. Gaunt and I have been going through a lot this last week, money, insecurities, family issues, but somehow our communication and ability to understand each other is stronger than ever. He’s been talking to me about his feelings like he never has before. I am so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful partner. I know that women say “You can’t change a man” but sometimes they just offer up change all on their own. And if your lucky they thank you for inspiring them to do so.

I came home late last night after hanging out with friends to find my ENTIRE house cleaned and all of the laundry sorted! Holy Shit! He even organized my closet and cleaned up my makeup area!  He was in bed all snoring, so I woke him up and kissed him bunches and we laid together and talked to each other for almost and hour. I slept very well. Today he let me sleep in (which is something I NEVER do) until almost ELEVEN! Then he went to the grocery store and bought Whole Wheat Pancake mix, cantaloupe, and stuff to make Mimosas! He made a very yummy breakfast and we ate and listened to Iron and Wine Pandora. We are on the hunt to find the perfect Indie Love song for our first dance at the Wedding.

After Breakfast I laid on the couch and read the two magazines that I have been ignoring for the last week. REAL SIMPLE and Whole Living (previously Body+Soul). My interest in cooking has been at an all time low this summer, as well as blogging, Foodgawker, and all food/health magazines. I’m not sure why I’ve lost interest, but its made me sad. Today though I sat back, relaxed and let myself fall back into the world of amazing food, cooking for my family, and living healthy. It felt so nice, like the old me. I even found a new food blog to crush on Dinner A Love Story. Check it out.

While I read Mr. Gaunt gave me a foot and calf masage…drool…unitl I fell asleep. And so we napped on the couch, for four hours…lol! It was so amazing. One of those naps that you have no regret during and no neck kinks afterward. It’s now 4pm so Mr. Gaunt and I do laundry, that was already nicely sorted and waiting in laundry baskets, quarters on hand.

Then we spent some time searching the web for a recipe to use some ground Turkey and Yellow squash we had. I found this recipe that SHOCKINGLY we had every ingredient on hand…yipee! So we made it, and it was amazing, and a blog post will be up tomorrow on it.

At our favorite restaurant Merles in Littleton on our 1 month of being engaged anniversary.

Part of the reason for our lazy sunday was that it was a SCORCHER out today, and Mr. Gaunt made it clear that I was not to step outside. Heat makes me super bitch, seriously. After dinner when it had cooled down to high 70s…lol…we finished some laundry and went swimming in our pool. While swimming we talked about our plan to start running. Yup, we have made a plan! We are gonna try the “run 1 minute, walk 3 minutes” until we can work up to longer sprints. Neither of us are runners, but we want to start, and we don’t have the money to pay for gym memberships. So we are gonna start Monday. I’m really hoping to get new shoes for my birthday, I’m pretty sure I want the Reebok Easy Tone They’re kinda like the Sketchers Step-ups only not super ugly.

After swimming we went up to Whole Foods and got Green Tea Ice cream and stuff for smoothies. I also decided to switch up our regular Cliff Bars and try the Odwalla Bars They are lower in fat (2g vs 6g) and were on sale, plus they have a Mocha flavor that I really wanted to try. I’ll give you a review next week after I’ve had a few flavors.

So now we are just sitting on the couch winding down. Next week I’m gonna talk to my boss AGAIN about transferring to Mr. Gaunt’s team, it’s all taking forever. I also think I might try to get a part-time seasonal job this winter. We finally sat down and budgeted the wedding, and if we are going to be able to pay for everything without getting into debt we need to make some extra money. Yes it will suck to work so much, but it will be worth it to be less stressed when we move and get married.  So I’ll be looking into this in the coming months. We are also in the beginning stages of building our credit, and deciding whether to keep my car or not. Until then my focus is and will continue to be the happiness and success of my family. And Thank you Mr. Gaunt for turning a usually crappy Sunday into a Perfect Sunday. Love.

Oh yeah, Im losing weight.

I hate to say it, but things got a little off track this week. Thanksgiving and Mr. Gaunt’s Birthday involved many big yummy meals. I skipped last weeks weigh in, and then I lost about 2 pounds, but after Thanksgiving I gained it back. Today Im about the same as I was two weeks ago. Im annoyed with myself, my self control, or lack there of. Im annoyed that Im letting the stupid Holidays be what everyone says they are…a time to get fat! Im pissed that I might not make my goal by January 1st. Im being too lazy to work out, too stressed over other shit to put my weight loss first.

Theres nothing I can do about the choices I made this week, but I can tell you that the next 4 weeks will NOT have a negative affect on my weight. Christmas can bite me!


-Remove all leftovers, desserts and bad carbs from this house.

-Drink water…LOTS of water

-Go to weigh in by Wednesday at the latest (if Im not feeling ok with my weight by monday night)

-Eat more fruit (I hate winter!)

-No eating after 6pm (I go to bed at 9:30)

A Plan for Success

Well my shoulder feels slightly better, but I still havent heard from my job so in order to not let my mind wander (ahhh you have no money and your getting fatter!!!!) I decided to make a list of things Im going to do this week as well as a menu of things Im going to eat! Woohoo I love lists.

TO DO OCTOBER 4th – 11th

1. PAINT! We renewed our lease at our apartment, but I really want to paint my entry way! So this week Im going to pick out a color and then hopefully paint on Friday or Saturday.

2. FRISBEE GOLF! We made plans with our friends Ben and Casey to go play frisbee golf this weekend. Apparently its kind of a hike through the course which makes me a little nervous (me and hiking arent always friends) but Im gonna give it a shot, and I love frisbee golf, it reminds me of playing with friends at Cornwall park back home.

3. WAX! I need my eyebrows waxed this week.

4. GYM! I need to get my but to the gym at least 4 times this week (hopefully my shoulder will chill out so this can happen)

5. WEIGH IN! Hoping to do this tomorrow

Now for the MENU!

MONDAY: Quinoa (or Brown rice) Stuffed Acorn Squash

TUESDAY: Weight Watchers Corn Chowder

WEDNESDAY: Roasted Three potato Salad

THURSDAY: Tuna and Avocado Salad

FRIDAY: Pasta with Shrimp Spinach and Lemon

Ok the weekend I will hold off on. Also please note the links for these meals are more for inspiration and will probably all be modified to be healthier! I will take pics of everything to show you along the way! xoxo

Oh and we have a million peppers so if anyone ahs any great pepper recipes you shoudl leave them in the comments…thanks!