DIY Herringbone Dresser

First off, let’s take a minute and acknowledge two things.

1. Herringbone is different from Chevron, and definitely different from Houndstooth. While looking for an actual Herringbone pattern on both Pinterest and Google, the number of incorrect images was surprising! I will say that Herringbone is the most open to interpretation. There are lots of options of stripe thickness, and some people put a seam between the stripes. However in no way should you confuse Herringbone with Houndstooth, as they really look nothing alike. Get it together Pinners!

I made ya’ll this little cheat sheet for fun!

2. This is the trendiest thing I have ever made. I pretty much made this exclusively for Pinterest. Kidding…kind of. It just encompasses all of Pinterests favorite things:


      -Grey and Peach

      -Dipped gold details



You read that right! This project in total cost me $8. Total.

The dresser I found in an ally with a free sign on it. I made Mr. Gaunt strap it to the roof, as it wouldn’t fit in the trunk or back seat. DAMN I NEED A MINIVAN! The Peach paint was leftover from the Laundry Room. The white paint was leftover from the house trim, and I already owned a sander and all the painting equipment. The only things we bought were a $1 can of OOPS paint (the dark grey) and a can of Rustoleum Gold Spray paint for like $7. Obviously this project would not be this cheap if you were not a paint supply hoarder, or a back ally furniture scavenger (in which case, we have nothing in common)

Time wise this project took an embarrassing amount of time. I did spread it out over about 4 days, to let each coat really cure before painting more. That’s really important when doing a lot of taping off. I started with washing, lightly sanding, and painting the whole dresser peach and the drawer fronts white. I removed the knobs and the feet (which unscrewed with ease).

Next was the taping off. Oh lordy this was tricky. You may not know this about me, but the only thing I hate more than math, is measuring. Remember the stripes I just eyeballed in the spare room. However I knew that if I picked a geometric pattern on a small space, I really needed it to be accurate. And really I just shouldn’t be so lazy.

I looked online for a pattern for a while but couldn’t find one. Then I just sat down and drew out what I wanted on a piece of cardboard, then started measuring. I did this wrong twice before getting it right. I didn’t want to have to tape twice, so I had to make sure I calculated both the white and grey areas accurately. I wrote “G” in the grey areas so I wouldn’t get confused. It was tedious, and probably took me a solid hour just taping. ): ALSO: Frog Tape is soo much better than blue tape.

While it dried I painted the feet and knobs all metallic gold.

When it was all done, I was so in love! I made Mr. Gaunt come out to the garage to stare at it with me! I have plans to put a polyurethane (waterbased) coat on it too, but its like $15 for a can, and I’m poor. Plus no one will really be using this dresser. It’s been placed in our spare room, and will belong to future babies…lucky bastards.

Recycled Tire Trellis

My mom saw this on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and we both loved it. Then Mr. Gaunt and I were with her at a garage sale and we happened upon two mismatched tires, no bike frame in sight. I remembered the trellis and snatched them up for super cheap.

I delegated the project over to Mr. Gaunt, with the challenge of completing it for less than $10. We decided right away to leave both the tire and the spokes on (seems silly to lose the cool spokes!) Mr. Gaunt tried a long piece of wood, and a few other things to put the two tires together without success. Finally he removed the inner bolts of the tire, and bought a 5′ All Thread and matching nuts. We ran the All Thread through both tires and put nuts on each side of the tires to hold them in place.

Mr. Gaunt then drove the All Thread about 28″ into the ground for stability. It still sways a little, as the All Thread is thin, but it wont tip over, because of the bottom tire being a wide base, and the deepness of the All Thread. As peas grow up it, it should actually become more stable as they weigh it evenly down.

Last Mr. Gaunt ran basic gardening string between every other spoke. He tied each length off, instead of wrapping it over and under. Then I planted Sweet Peas  at the base of each string. I’m so excited for them to grow into a giant tube of Sweet Pea Flowers!

NOTE: It’s very important to have a special helper there to inspect your work.


And the only cure is..

Mr. Gaunt and I have a bad case of baby Fever. Seriously. When we see a toddler walking down the sidewalk we both can’t resist cooing at it and saying hi. We talk baby names…a lot “do you like the name ___?”  We even both noted that our spare room is already kind of baby room colors.

No baby yet….but DAMN ARE WE READY!

That is all.

Oh wait, no here are some adroabel things from my baby section on Pinterest (I know, Im crazy):

anyone else Baby Crazy?

One of those rare times…

when you find something AMAZING on the internet.

Not that the internet isn’t always pretty damn sweet. But every now and then you come across something that you don’t know how you lived without it. For me this has been Etsy, FoodGawker, Stumbleupon, OnceWed

Please be prepared to waste hours browsing these collections…


From what I can tell its a “place to catalog things you love”


You can browse around on your own, but might I push you towards this guys “collections” (click on each section to see all his “pins”) drooooool!

Now I have to go buy an old dresser, some chalkboard paint, some painters tape, and a helmet to keep my creative mind from exploding. XOXO

Oh and its in Private Beta still, so you can apply to be on the waiting list. I did. I cant wait!


UPDATE: I just realized that my blog has its own list of “pins” other people have “pinned” to my site! So cool! See here.