The Fair and All its Glory!

Mr. Gaunt and I went to the Northwest Washington Fair on Tuesday night because he had the evening off. I think the Fair is the most AWESOME and DISAPPOINTING event all at the same time. Seriously, everyone has such fond memories of the fair and no bad ones, until they are back. For instance when I think of the fair the following comes to mind:

-Baby Animals

-Beautiful Horses

-4H (sewing, vegetable sculptures, photography, cats….need I say more?)

-Fried Foods!

-Frozen Treats!

-Picnic tables

-Ferries Wheels

-Lights, sounds and smells of USA! (uhh…ok that last part is just weird)

I mean its good old American fun, 2nd best to 4th of July!

But then you get there, and the smells are animal urine and hay, and the whole place is a riddled with teenagers doing (AND WEARING OMG) inappropriate things. And somehow you blow through $50 despite the fact that you went on 2 rides and shared a low-fat Low-Sugar Boysenberry ice cream cone. In the end though, I still loved it. I especially loved taking Mr. Gaunt to his first Lynden Fair AND getting an honorary photo button! I also managed to not put anything (except said low fat ice cream cone) into my mouth, I know, I’m on a bridal mission and I’m amazing.

PS I think even ferris wheels are scary.

This painting looks exactly like Hula!

This takes nursing to a whole new level, poor mama pig!

They were being twins. I had to convinc him not to take his shirt off....ha!

When Doves Cry


The carnie was so cute and offered to take this picture so we could both play.


Outdoor Activity: 18 Holes!

Mr. Gaunt has taken up golfing this last year. He seems to really love it, he’d golf every day if he could. I’m just happy he has found a hobby that’s healthy!  He has been asking me to go with him for months now, and I keep passing, golf isn’t really my cup of tea. Especially not when it costs $25-$35 per person.

This past weekend though his golfing buddy got a coupon (rent a cart and golf for free)  so I agreed to go. I really wanted to drive Golf Cart! Usually Mr. Gaunt walks the course for the excercise, but a Golf Cart is fun on occasion.

I played the first 13 holes, but tired out after that. It was ok, but not my favorite thing to do. I’m still waiting for the pool to open! Here are some fun pics from our day though.

Happy Saturday!

I went to the gym this morning (GO ME!) even when I pulled in the parking lot and saw that it was FULL and people were parking on the side of the road. First thing I thought was “fuck it, I’ll just go home” but I found a spot and parked my car and went inside. There was a little note on the desk that read “OPEN SATURDAY – BRING YOUR KIDS OR A FRIEND FOR FREE!” Oh shit. Yeah so there were small children running everywhere! All the good elliptical machines with the arms were taken so I had to use the ones without the arms, my arms were bored. I did my workout and felt good afterwards. I swear I’m trying people.

In other fun and exciting news Mr. Gaunt and I will be going to Washington for TEN DAYS in July! Yay! We will be staying the weekend of the 4th in a cabin on Harstine Island with my family…sooo excited! Then we get to spend some time in Olympia and then up to Bellingham for the rest of the week. I always get so excited to go home, and I havent been since July for Manda’s wedding (when I had only lost 27lbs) and I hate to go a whole year without seeing my mom! I actually think I might take a long weekend and fly out there in the next month or two. Anyways I’m REALLY hoping that I am wearing a size 9/10 and at goal weight by July. I have plans to see my extended family (grandma, aunts, cousins) who havent seen me in a LONG time and it would be great to be looking good.

I also have another fun thing planned for that trip. I have made an appointment to have my friend Jen Martin take professional photos of Mr. Gaunt and I while we are in Bellingham!  Im sooo excited! Jen is an amazing photographer (and person) and I have always wanted to have her take my picture but never really had a reason to. Now I feel like I want a nice picture to capture Mr. Gaunt and I looking our best! Its gonna be great, here’s a taste of some of her work:

Fall day in the Graveyard

Mr. Gaunt, his mom and I went to Fairmount Mortuary today to bring flowers to his grandpa who passed away last winter. I had been wanting to go for a while so I could take pictures of the gravestones. It was a perfect fall day…

grave 1

grave 2

grave 3

grave 4

grave 5

grave 7

grave 6

grave 8

grave 9

grave 10

grave 11

I have a million more, but just chose a few to show you. I played around a lot with the colors just for fun. You can do this too for free with

Pumpkin Patch!

Mr. Gaunt and I went to the Denver Botanical Gardens at Chatfield Pumpkin Patch today! It was a pretty good time, a little crowded and hot (75 degrees) and the pumpkins were not looking too good, probably because of the snow last week. But still we had a great time with our friends Jenny and Justin and their little one Liam:

I guess thats what we would look like with a baby.

I guess thats what we would look like with a baby.

How darling is he!

How darling is he!



Thats our pumpkin!

Thats our pumpkin!




White Pumpkins! Very Martha Stewart.

White Pumpkins! Very Martha Stewart.

Jenny, Liam and Justin

Jenny, Liam and Justin

we skipped the corn maze because they said it took and hour to get through!

we skipped the corn maze because they said it took and hour to get through!



My Secret Fall

I am madly in love with the season right now. This morning I took a walk around our pond to capture some of the secret moments of fall, the ones too small to see, the ones that look ugly from afar. The walk was nice, although it is mighty hot today. I know nature photos can be mighty boring sometimes, but I hope you enjoy these. I also encourage you to take your own nature walk, its great excercise and you get to work on your photography skills!