Eating Grapefruit: a video

This seems like a silly thing, but I really feel like people need to know the wonder of Grapefruit. I haven’t been sick once this winter, not even a sniffle. I have been eating a grapefruit 4-5 days a week since the beginning of January, and I honestly think it’s a huge reason why I have fended off many an office “bug.”

There seem to be two reasons why people don’t eat grapefruit.

1. They don’t like the taste. If this is you, ignore the rest of this post.

2. they are a pain in the ass to eat.

I’m here to address #2. YES they are a pain in the ass, BUT they are so delicious and nutritious if you do it right. People at work are constantly commenting on my grapefruit eating habit, and more often than not, noting the way I eat them. I do not eat any of the grapefruit skin…yuck! I also do not do that weird thing where you cut it in half and scoop out the tiny bits with a spoon….this is pointless. So I decided to make a silly little video about how I do peel a grapefruit, in hopes the others will add them to their diets, and enjoy them more thoroughly.