uhg! Last night we celebrated Mr. Gaunt’s birthday a week early by going to Texas De Brazil for dinner. It’s an amazing restaurant that has the most to die for salad bar (think fancy cheese, Lobster bisque soup, gourmet olives, the works!) but I ate waaay too much. More than I have eaten in forever (hey you pay $50 you wanna get your moneys worth!) anyways it was a baaaaaaaaad idea. I went home feeling so ungodly uncomfortable that I felt nausea and dizzy with mild heart burn! I was laying in bed moaning thinking I was gonna die (like you do the first time you drink way too much) gross. This morning wasnt much better, I felt totally hung over. Lesson learned. I no longer can fill my tummy to its breaking point. This is a good thing. I missed weigh in this week, like I was gonna weigh in after that meal! Ha! So hopefully things will go well this week, we’ll see.

Oh and go over and wish my lovely Pro CONGRATS on fitting into her skinny jeans! YOU ARE AMAZING! LOVE YOU!

Sushi Overload!


Guess who totally OD’d on Sushi tonight…oh yeah that would be me!

God I really love sushi, but I ALWAYS eat till Im just past my full comfort level plummeting all the way into STUFFED! In some ways I dont feel too bad because it could have been something worse, but in other ways I feel yucky because last week I sucked and I really would like to NOT suck this week…ugg. And you know what is the WORST part? There is a ton of leftover sushi in the fridge that I CANT stop thinking about and Im STILL SO FULL! We have reached an all time low here morgan! You only want it cause its there, it would be perfectly fine to wait and eat it tomorrow! I will stay strong and steer clear of the fridge.

So Im about 5lbs from my Underwear Goal which I would LOVE to hit in the next weigh in! Oh and I had my 2nd interview at Costco today which went well, and as long as my background check checks out Ill be ready to start next Wednesday. Im pretty excited because I think its gonna be a pretty physical job which will hopefully help me shed some pounds. I think when I hit 40lbs I will take more before and after pics for y’all!