Professional Wedding Photos – The Reception


This is my last post about our wedding. Our goal with our reception was to have great food, lots of alcohol, and tons of great (to us) music. We had a DJ that really listened to our opinions on what music we did or did not want at our wedding, and we had a lot of opinions. In the end he played EXACTLY what we wanted, we couldn’t stop dancing!

We did do the traditional first dance, cake cutting, garter/bouquet toss, and those things were my LEAST favorite part of the night, in hindsight, I wouldn’t do those silly things. In the end, we had an amazing time. We ate great food, got too drunk, and danced until we were passed out on the floor. We felt like we really showed our guests a good time too, which was the most important thing.

Professional Wedding Photos – The Ceremony

We wrote our whole ceremony, including our own vows. We had my good friend Hilary (who is a very well spoken and funny french teacher) get ordained and marry us. She way amazing, she should look into doing it to make side $$$. We also had Mr. Gaunt’s God Mother read a “prayer” that I wrote, giving the feeling of religion, without any religious terms, which was important to us. Oh and in case it appears confusing, I walked down a flight of stairs to the end of the aisle, then Mr. Gaunt walked back down the aisle, took my hand and we walked down the aisle together. It felt perfect to have him be the person to walk me down the aisle (my dad did not attend my wedding). There are no pictures of this, but one of Mr. Gaunt’s groomsmen Drew played a guitar rendition of Joni Mitchel’s Both Sides Now for me to walk down the aisle to. It was really beautiful. The recessional was Soul 4 Real “Candy Rain” <—I know amazing