To Christmas or Not To Christmas?

That is the question.

I’m mostly talking about decorating.

Part of me really wants to decorate, and part of me thinks whats the point?

However I’m really trying to let my inner “martha” take over and let myself enjoy the Holidays.

So in the spirit of “doin’ it up” I’m going to post some fun things to make over the holidays, and hey I just make actually make some of them…lol!


Doily Ornaments

Ribbon Star ornaments

Paper Doily Wreath

Pinecone Trees


Oh Christmas Tree

We went over earlier this week to Ms. G’s (Mr. Gaunts Mom) house to have a little dinner and help her decorate her tree! She has an awesome ornament collection so fun to go through. Our ornamnent collection is kinda pathetic and consists mostly of Rockie, Broncos, and Avalanche themed ornaments….ugg. Im excited to start a good collection (more on that later) So I just wanted to share pics from the night…

Christmas Soup and Grilled Apple and Cheese!

Two parties down, one to go! I have tons of pics to put up, lots of things have been going on this past week (hence the limited blogging) that I want to share with you. I decided to break up the pictures into a few posts so yah don’t get bored. We are now a week away from Christmas (I know…crazy) and just two weeks left in 2009! My weight loss goal is pretty much NOT going to happen. I mean I’m sooo close, but I just don’t think I’m going to be able to lose 7 pounds in 12 days. I’m kind bummed, but its ok I worked hard and to think that I started this goal with 25 pounds to lose in three months, I’m ok with only losing about 20 of it.

Ok on to the food! YAY! Earlier this week we went to Mr. Gaunt’s mom’s house to help her decorate her tree and have a little family dinner. We really want to start doing a weekly dinner at her house (like on Gilmore Girls…Friday night dinner anyone?) in the new year, we just have to figure what day works best. This week Mr. Gaunt’s mom (we should really give her a nick name…hmm…I think I’m gonna go with Ms. G) so Ms. G recently discovered Clean Eating, one of my favorite food magazines, and decided to make the cover soup. It’s a vegetable soup with Quinoa and Chicken sausage. I tried to find the recipe on their website, but it’s not there. Maybe Ms. G will post it in the comments (wink wink) anyways it was so freaking good! Sometimes vegetable soups are a little bland, but this one was full of flavor, I loved it!

To go with the soup we had the ultimate comfort food Grilled Cheese! Of course we made it healthy with whole wheat bread and fat free cheddar, but the best part was adding thin sliced Macintosh apples into it before grilling! So good and totally changes the flavor. I will never make grilled cheese without apples again. So yeah both of these recipes are in the January/February issue of Clean Eating, go buy it!

And a sneak peek at my tree decorating post tomorrow…