Granny Smith Apple Chips

I love Costco, they always have fun new foods to try, and I really think they do an honest job at providing healthy options (ignore everything in the freezer section). We usually only purchase meat, cheese, and sometimes produce at Costco. They have really cheap produce, although it’s not organic. Same with meat and fish, cheap but not organic. However sometimes they bring out a new product and they suck me into buying it.

Todays item was Bare Fruit 100% Organic Granny Smith Apple Chips. If I remember right they were around $5 for the bag. The ingredients is what got me though:

Also nutrition wise they are really good:

I love that there is no added sweetener or preservatives, these are CLEAN! Also (and I know this sounds funny) but they aren’t TO DIE FOR delicious. I mean that I am totally able to stop myself at like 10 chips, and not feel the need to eat the entire bag. This is an important factor when purchasing snack foods for me.

I hope Costco carries these for a while, it looks like you can also purchase them online too. You should try em! Id love to make my own with a food dehydrator, but these are so perfect, mostly crisp with a little chew that why bother…lol! Oh and they are made in Washington! I know I’m not currently living there, but it still feels like “buying local” to me.

Oh and in other Apple News Mr. Gaunt bought an apple slicer! At first I thought it seemed stupid and useless, but it is bad ass! I love it in the mornings when I want some apple slices and peanut butter to take to work, this makes it so much faster!

Im Going To Be A Crazy Hippie and….

-Make My Own crackers!

-Make My Own Deodorant!

-Can and Dehydrate Food!

-Make Vegan Fruit Leathers!

-Make Tie Dye Cupcakes for Ms. G’s Birthday!

-Make Avocado and Cilantro Dressing

-Start My Own Windowsill Herb Garden!

-Make Cinnamon Graham Crackers!

-Make Thai Ice Tea Concentrate

Ok these will not all happen today, or this week, but its a great summer planning list. I will continue to add. Click any of the links and you can make em too!

Look What Was Left On My Doors Step…

Ok I don’t really have a door step, more just a hallway. Needless to say when I got home from work this was waiting for me.. I was actually nervous on my way home thinking about if I would be pleased with my purchase. In case you didn’t know I have a huge hatred for excess packaging. I think it stems from my mom refusing to buy us Squeeze-it Fruit drinks because they were garbage individually packaged in a plastic bottled wrapped in a cardboard surround and then shrink-wrapped together. I can hear her saying it now “It’s just a ridiculous amount of packaging!” ha! I’m not even that environmentally conscious, this is more about space. I dont want to fill up half may garbage can 5 seconds after I put in a new bag. It’s obnoxious and insulting. I dont want your damn packages! I have even gone to using re-usable grocery bags because I was sick of the giant bag of bags under my sink.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah my worry that my Door to Door Organics box would be filled with excess packaging. Have you purchased apples at Costco recently? They are wrapped in a ridiculous amount of hard plastic…WTF?! Anyway I was VERY pleased when I opened my box and found only one of those cardboard fruit trays, and that’s it! Also DTDO has a great recycling program, this is taken directly from their website:

“Every box, bag, ice pack, piece of paper, and most other non-edibles that we send you will be picked up from your house at your next scheduled delivery. Firstly, we will reuse any items that have certain qualities, like our cardboard boxes. There are also items like the large plastic bags that cannot be reused for health reasons, and we actually us Eco-Cycle to pick these up and have them turned into durable decking.”

How rad is that! I love this company more and more! Ok onto the goods I got this week. As a reminder I spent $22 this week on this box (remember its Organic which is slightly more expensive). Now I have yet to do an actual price comparison (which I do think I will do) but the convenience and variety and quality of this product really seem worth it.

In case you were wondering (I was) the veggies were all crisp and fresh looking (the carrots still had dirt on them…love that!) and the ripeness of the fruit (I was also wondering this) is about two days away. Although it would have been nice to bite into a kiwi, I’m glad that they wont rot tomorrow. Also it gives me a day or two to decide what to do with them. Overall I’m very pleased with this all so far.

Chips with Protein!

Umm I love chips. Did you know this? I love the salt and the crisp, all of it…yumm! I do however avoid them for the most part, because I will eat the whole bag….snack size or larger. So I’m always on the look out for a good chip that wont screw up the scale.

We were at Mr. Gaunt’s mom’s house tonight and she gave me half a bag of these Newman’s Own Organic Soy Crisps, and they are so good I had to share them with you! First of all they are soy, which is better than rice as far as I’m concerned. They kinda taste like a thin rice cake only better. The flavor she gave me is BBQ, so I don’t know about the other flavors but these are delish!

Now as far as nutrition goes these ROCK! The bag has 3.5 servings in it with SEVEN grams of protein per serving and only 110 calories! Hello! They also have 3.5 g of fat and 3 grams of fiber. In WW speak they are 2 points per serving. They are also GLUTEN FREE  and ORGANIC!

She got them at Sprouts, but I’m sure you could find them at Whole Foods or any other organic grocer. I’m definitely going to try other flavors (white cheddar anyone?)!

BODY+SOUL (natural beauty products)

Is my new favorite magazine (next to Weight Watchers and Marie Claire) which I started reading a couple months ago. Its a Martha Stewart publication and its full of organic natural tips for your every day life…er…kind of.


See in my secret fantasies I hope to one day be wealthy enough to actually go all organic/green/natural, to sew my children’s clothing (speaking of check out this blog) make my own bread, grow my own vegetables. Today however I live in an apartment with no garden, and my budget is NOT Whole Foods Friendly (even if I do allow myself $30 a month to spend there). I also love the idea of home made and organic cleaning supplies and medicines, as well as a diet full of organic fruits and veggies!


Reading this months Body+Soul I found a few beauty products that really struck my fancy.

1. Natural Mascara – I LOVE the idea of this! Mascara often irritates my eyes, as well as having an almost paint like smell. I would even be willing to take a slightly less effective mascara if it was natural, I mean come on who wants to be putting toxins on their EYES?! Anyways here’s the problem: the magazine reviewed 4 different brands all ranging in price from $22-$30! Really? $30 for mascara? Im a $10 mascara kind of gal…even when I’m splurging its for the $20 tube of Clinique. I did a bit of research online and found these:

Honeybee Garden’s Makes a $10 tube

Physicians Formula Makes a $9.95 tube

SunCoat – Makes a $14.99 tube (vegan made from sugar)

Cosmetic Kitchen – Makes a $16.70 tube (Sensitive eye vegan formula)

So there ARE options out there. I really think Im gonna try the physicians formula (mostly because I can buy it in stores and not order it). In fact the entire idea of natural cosmetics is appealing. Ill let you know what I get and what I like. Any recommendations would be great too.

2. Organic Nail Polish Remover: They listed one for $22! Seeing as my bottle cost about ONE dollar, thats about $21 more than I have ever spent on a nail polish remover. So again me and google got together and here’s what we found (not cheap, but better):

SunCoat – Natural nail polish remover $6-$10

Sante’s Cosmetics – Natural Nail Polish Remover -$9.00

Also did you know Sephora has a whole section for natural cosmetics? Pretty sweet! Im excited to try some of this!