Not Ready

Today I realized I am just not ready for workout advice.

I guess for me its a hard and personal journey to get into Working Out, and I just can’t handle someone telling me that I’m doing it wrong. Or that I should be doing something else, or more of this, less of that. You know, advice….any of it.

Today on Facebook I made a comment based on a fact I had read (I wont recite it here because it seems to solicit lots of opinions, that I just am not ready to hear) on a walking website. I actually posted it as a positive comment, in hopes to encourage others that walking really is a GREAT way to workout, and that they shouldnt feel like it’s “not enough” or “too wimpy” and that really its awesome! I have to remind myself every day that me walking/jogging 3.5 miles plus a small amount of weight training every day is FREAKING AWESOME! Because before that I did nothing! NOTHING!

Mind you I am a firm believer (and proof) that you can lose a LOT of weight without ever working out. seriously, I lost 75 pounds without EVER doing regular physical fitness. Not that its the BEST way, but its 100% an option, and a good one too. Aint no shame in just focusing on the food, and not the workouts.

At this point in my life I have decided that I would like to add working out to my routine. I think it might help aid me in a bit more weight loss, and might sculpt out areas that (losing 75 pounds in 10 months causes) are pretty soft/saggy. I’m not a gym goer though, I hate the gym. Its HELL ON EARTH in my opinion.  I also don’t do workout videos, or personal trainers or any of that. For me its all mental, and someone telling me that I’m not doing it right is NOT going to help me keep going, it’s just not.

I know there are people out there who love advice on this. Who NEED motivation from others. Who spend hours researching and practicing ways to get ripped. For me I have my daily walk/jog and my little 15 minute strength training thing and that’s good. I’m set.

This evening after reading all of said comments from what I had hoped to be a positive, somehow turned negative Facebook post, I deleted it. I deleted my own voice and the voices of everyone else who want to put their two cents in. Maybe that makes me a bitch, or stupid, or whatever, but I really didn’t want or need that negativity on my wall. I didn’t really feel like I had asked for opinions, and in the end I didn’t want to read them. The second I started feeling shitty or inadequate with what I was doing, I knew that whole post had to go….buh bye. Here in Morgan Land we like to only keep it positive, and only cheer for as much or as little effort as you were able to put in!

So ….

YAY for you if you took the stairs today instead of the elevator.

YAY for you, if you left a few bites of food on your plate at dinner.

YAY for you if you went to the gym.

YAY for you if you parked a little further from the store and walked in.

YAY for you if you skipped the cheese.

YAY for you if you even thought “I need to make some changes” today.

YAY for you if you reached your breaking point.

YAY for you if you finally stepped on the scale.

YAY for you if you carried your baby instead of putting them in a  stroller.

YAY for you if you played outside with your kids.

YAY for you if you felt good about yourself today!

YAY for you if you played a sport today.

YAY for you if you bought more vegetables than normal.

YAY for you if you set a goal.

YAY for you if you made your family a healthy meal.

YAY for you if you did some yoga.

YAY for you if you walked your dog.

YAY to anyone and everyone who made a little more effort today than yesterday. I think your doing awesome!