Thanksgiving Oats and a Santa Suit!

thanksgiving oatsIve been eating this a couple times a week since Thanksgiving.

My aunt made a ton of Cranberry Relish, and Cranberry Sauce for Thanksgiving dinner. At the end of the night when we were divvying up the leftovers she convinced me to take home a ton of both. She recommended freezing it and using it in muffins, or other baking. Well I never froze it, instead I mixed the two together and I eat a huge blob of it top of oatmeal! Also my Mother in Law makes the most decadent sweet potatoes with a thick crust of pecan/brown sugar/butter crumble top. She ended up having leftover of the unbaked crumble topping, and she put it in my fridge in case I wanted to keep it. AND I DO! I sprinkle a little of this crumble top on my oats too. It melts in, and adds the perfect brown sugar, butter, pecan flavor. Plus the tangy cranberries, Thanksgiving Oats are amazing!

Today is my first Friday off! I no longer work Fridays, which is pretty splendid. It might mean I actually regularly blog again…say what? I’m going to meet up with my mom today to work on our Christmas Ornaments for our Ornament/cookie party on Sunday! I’m super excited! On Saturday Mr. Gaunt and I have to play Santa and Mrs Claus at my work for the kids. We are letting them decorate sugar cookies, and then Santa is going to read them The Night Before Christmas, and then a REAL photographer is going to take their photo sitting on his lap! Squeel! So much cuteness. Needless to say the Santa Suit arrived this week, and we both couldn’t resist trying it on…lol! Who makes the better Santa? (note I have a much cuter Mrs. Claus outfit)


I think the best part is where we are wearing the belt. I’m such a girl, even in a Santa suit I’m trying to give myself a cinched waist!

Oatmeal for one

I recently (well maybe a couple of months ago) took up eating oatmeal almost every morning.  I use to be a fan of instant oatmeal packets (of the fruit and cream variety…eek! Totally crappy for you) but I gave it up when I couldn’t find one that was both good for you an yummy. I tried an organic brand and thought it was AWFUL! Then for a solid 9 months I ate nothing but Greek yogurt with honey or granola.

In early spring I was sooo cold at work. I felt like I needed something both nourishing and warm to eat at my desk at 6 am. My coworker brought plain old oats every day and microwaved them with cream. It looked really good, so I started bringing a big tube of Quaker Quick Oats, and using our instant hot water dispenser to make a bowl full every morning. Then I add frozen blueberries or raspberries, or home-made raspberry jam, or honey. So good!

Now I eat it 5 days a week. Sometimes I put a little peanut butter in it, or brown sugar for dessert. I eat it at home sometimes too if I want a warm snack, but the instant hot water is way easier than boiling or microwaving it.