Tips On Eating: BREAKFAST

First off I need to remind y’all that I am not a: DOCTOR, NUTRITIONIST, or anyone that really knows anything.

Ok now that thats out of the way, I wanted to share a few things on what, how, and when I eat to lose weight. First off I can not praise Weight Watchers enough for teaching me most of what I know (and yes the meetings ARE worth it) and helping get to a place where I could work nutrition around my own life. If you need a helping hand I really recommend joining WW. The other thing I give HUGE praise to is the never-ending world of weight loss blogs out there! Search around, use them, read them, love them!

So Im going to do a number of these “Tips on Eating” posts this week. Please Please Please leave comments on things you find work for you! We are a community so help each other out!


First Im going to start with eating in the AM:

Eating in the morning is probably the most important meal (yeah Im sure you have heard this, just get it through your head and STOP skipping breakfast!) I know everyone is in a rush, but that is no excuse because there are tons of things you can just grab and go. There are plenty of days when Im in a mad rush to get to work, but the truth is I would rather be 10 minutes late than skip breakfast! There are also plenty of mornings where I would rather do pretty much anything other than eat, it makes me wanna gag, so you know what I do…I GAG it down! No excuse.

They say youre suppose to eat both Fiber and protein within 20 minutes of waking up. This is the only thing I have that keeps me “regular” and I dont screw with it. So now that we have talked about when and how I eat in the morning, Im gonna make a list of what (click on each link for more info):

NO-COOK (grab and go) FOODS:

-(Cold or Hot) Fiber One Poptarts PROTEIN: 4     FIBER: 5

Fiber One Bars PROTEIN: 2     FIBER: 9

Large Plum PROTEIN: 1     FIBER: 2

-Banana PROTEIN: 2     FIBER: 6

I usually combine two of thees items. The more (healthy) food the better in the AM!



Quaker Fruit and Cream Instant Oatmeal PROTEIN: 2.8     FIBER: 2.1

Fiber One Cereal with Fat Free Milk (one cup each)       PROTEIN: 12    FIBER: 28

One Egg and One Egg White With Sandwich Thin PROTEIN: 16    FIBER: 5

-Two Frozen Kashi Waffles with Peanut Butter PROTEIN: 16    FIBER: 8


WEEKEND COOK FOODS (sorry too complex for me to calculate nutrition facts right now):

– Vegan French Toast with Morningstar Sausage Patties

Weight Watchers Breakfast Sandwiches

-Weight Watchers Omelette

Anyways there are a lot more options, but these are the ones I stick to. I pretty much eat a Fiber One bar every morning no matter what. I also keep at least one type of fresh fruit in the house and eat that every day. I also eat things I like, like I know there are better oatmeals than the fruit and cream, but its the one I like and the one I will eat so I buy that. Otherwise it will just sit in drawer and get stale. Be ok with eating what you like even if its not the #1 healthiest option!

Ok now its time to share….