Like Fruit Fondu…kinda.

In the summer we eat tons of fruit, in the winter it gets a bit harder. I’m a big Mellon, Peaches,  and berries fan, which are hard to come by (at a good price) in the winter. So Bananas, Apples and Tangerines are about all we get now. During the week I eat on average 2-3 tangerines a day (one on each break), and half a banana on my cereal in the morning, but sometimes on the weekends I forget to eat any fruit at all. Recently (much to my dismay) Mr. Gaunt brought Nutella home. I have had Nutella a number of times, and while it is delicious, its pretty much garbage (even thought the stupid commercial makes you think its just nuts and skim milk…not true). However in moderation it’s not that much worse than Peanut butter, its kind of a chocolate dessert. It has a lot of sugar in it which sucks, but its pretty pleasing to eat with a big pile of apples and bananas!