Upcycle T-shirts into Cardigan

sweter orig

This past week Ive been a SHOPAHOLIC! I mean I really needed some new clothes because everything I owned was kind of falling off my ass. Anyways I got a ton of cute shirts and tanks, but realized I was really missing some light weight cardigans. Then I ran into this post by Angry Chicken that was just what I was looking for! LOVE HER! Anyways I did a bit more browsing online and there are a number of tutorials for turning T-shirts into Cardigans. So anyways I hit up Savers (Value Village) and looked around for some long sleeve shirts to try this with. I bough two over sized cotton long sleeve shirts that I thought would work well, and one fitted thin jersey long sleeve shirt (J crew) all under $4. I don’t know why but I thought that a baggy shirt would work better, but this was not true. The jersey T worked so much better, so I actually took some pictures of myself (ugg) wearing it. But I do really like it. It will be accompanying me to Washington (IN ONE WEEK!!!!!!! YAY!)

sweter 1

sweter meTo make this I basically cut about 2 inches off the sleeves (it was already 3/4 length but I wanted it more at my elbows) then I cut it straight up the middle and left the collar because I like it. I debated trimming the bottom to make it cropped by decided against it. Jersey is a great material because it just rolls and doesn’t fray. And the best part was …NO SEWING! woo hoo!