Happy Sunday! It’s snowing!

Which means everyone holes up in their houses and doesn’t go anywhere. However it’s not an excuse to drink hot sugary drinks all day and bake. Nope, gotta stay on track. Clean your house, do laundry, clean out your fridge. And if you did get the urge to make something warm and yummy, head over to SKINNY TASTE and make one of their lower calorie meals!

This week I missed TWO (yeah didn’t see yesterdays did yah) Daily Eats posts. Bummer on me. Yesterday was a weird day, we went over to a new friends house to watch the football game, and I didn’t want to come off as a crazy person taking photos of my food. So I didn’t. But I did eat fresh fruit, veggies with no dip (dip=devil) a small handful of chicken nachos, and some Pirates Booty. It was actually really awesome making new friends, I hope that we can hang out more with them as they are living a similar lifestyle to  us, which is hard to come by. I also drank TWO Vanilla Lattes (one non fat) and we made this for breakfast:

Home Made french toast sticks and a Denver scramble. So yummy, and I didn’t eat all of it. I feel like I am really working hard and stopping when I’m full.

So on to weight in. I think yesterday definable impacted my weight, with a fair amount of carbs, I also probably ate out more than I should have this past week. Maybe I will actually cook more this week lol. Results:

-2 Pounds.

Not bad. I’ll take it! I need to continue to lose about 2.3 pounds a week to reach my goal of 30 pounds in 90 days. I can do it!

Other big props goes to my friend Hilary who lost 3.1 pounds!

Mr. Gaunt drank like 9 beers yesterday so he of course is up 3 pounds. He needs to work on his beer portion control. And no one else offered up their results either. Apparently the average women will give up her New Years Resolution just SIX days into the New Year, while men will make it 12. I am happy to say both Mr. Gaunt and I are going strong on our resolutions. Don’t be a statistic! Keep workin it!

30 in 90 HAPPY 2012!

2012 is sooooo my year. I can just feel it…seriously. Business, health, family, relationship, growth, finances, weight loss….its all gonna be great in 2012. Despite getting married and moving back to Washington, I’d say 2011 was a hard year. We had a lot of obstacles to overcome, and every month felt like a struggle. It just wasn’t the year for me.

in 2012 we have big plans too. In one week we will be doing a wedding expo with our new business Tied Bow Events, and I am so excited! This event will really give us a feel for how the summer and this wedding season will turn out. On a very tight budget we have been working our butts off getting all of our websites, promotions, packages and booth together. Fingers crossed and good thoughts!

In other big (fat) plans, we are doing the THIRTY in NINETY plan! Don’t be fooled, this plan is not something I found online, I made it up. Its pretty straight forward, lose thirty pounds in ninety days. Eat healthy, work out tons, lose weight.

I weighed in today, yup up 33 pounds from where I want to be. Mr. Gaunt is up too, too much, both of us.  For Christmas we bought each other 3 month gym passes and we have been going faithfully. The plan is to go 5 days a week for an hour. 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training. We both want it to sort of become a hobby, something we enjoy, where you can actually see and feel the results. The few times in my life where I regularly worked out, I never really felt like it was making any results. I want to change that.

For food, sugar is OUT! no more. I’m ok if there is a little sugar in breads or cereal, but nothing that is specifically made to be sweet. No candy, cakes, ice cream, baked goods.

Also, nothing fried, minimal cheese, low carb, lots of veggies. The usual. But smaller portions. Portion control is key. I will ALWAYS take half of every meal I eat out home with me. Also no more beer (him) or wine (me) except on special occasions.

Last I’m sharing pics of what I eat! For 90 days, if I eat it, you will see it. It will hold me accountable.

Weigh in is on Sundays, so no wild weekends.  If you want to join all you have to do is email me morganmelim(at)yahoo(dot)com or text (if you know my number) on Sundays how much weight you lost (not your actual weight), and I will list you our weigh in post! Take before and after pics too! And healthy food your eating, or gym pics and send those to me too! We can all motivate each other!


Fat free plain Greek yogurt. 1/4 Cup low fat granola. 1 Grapefruit.REALLY dorky "Before" pic of me at the gym

Super dorky "Before" pic of me at the gym.

2012 Goals & Christmas

Oh god I feel so gross and OVER CHRISTMAS.

But I always feel this way after Christmas. It’s just too much, of everything. Mostly food and laziness, but “materialism, decorations, music, money” they all have been tapped out over here. You too?

I wasn’t really planning on blogging until the new year, but its my blog, so I can pretty much do whatever I want. (: And today I felt like blogging.

So I’m up 30 pounds, in general. I gained 30 pounds because I sit in an office all day, don’t go to the gym, and eat whatever I like. Funny how that works. I pretty much hate all pictures of myself these days, and I wear way too many of Mr. Gaunt sweaters, becasue all my clothes are tight, and his clothes are baggy.

This is quite the predicament. It’s not the end of the world, but damn near close. Mr. Gaunt and I did join the gym last week, and went all week, but not this weekend as the gym was closed. We are also trying to eat healthy, but Christmas threw us off track a bit. Duh. So we are back on track today.  I have some pretty huge goals for 2012. The number 12 has always sort of been “my number” mostly as I was born on September 12th, but I just like its evenness. So 2012 is the year I make some major changes.  Lets make a list shall we!

1. Lose 30 pounds and keep them off. (I’m hoping to lose 30 pounds in 90 days, so I can feel good this summer!)

2. Get my new business off the ground so I can quit my job by May (although I may work somewhere else part time)

3. Reduce my consumption. Recycle more.

4. Make friends (I need some, and Mr. Gaunt needs some too)

5. Gym, 5 days a week, every week.

6. Buy a Cannon Rebel t2i

7. Get a passport

8. Manage my finances so money we make in the summer can support us in the winter

9. Visit Portland, Olympia, Seattle

10. Get a “new to us” reliable minivan (for business and above trips)

11. Send Mr. Gaunt back to Colorado at least twice this year

12. Cook more

13. Landscape the front yard, and lay some new grass in the back yard.

14. Go on new Hikes around the area

15. Sell 50 more paintings on Etsy

16. Go away somewhere for our 1 year anniversary

17. Avoid Sugar (more on this later)

18. Make more handmade things (gifts, household items, etc)

19. Take more photos of my life

20. Paint and organize my laundry room

I leave with some photos from our Christmas morning breakfast (including Hula’s first can of fancy feast!)




Happy Holidays!

I had to pop in and wish everyone Happy Holidays (we are PC over a here) and to show everyone our adorable Christmas card we sent this year. Mr. Gaunt drew it, and I edited it and put it together in Photoshop. Its pretty much precious!

I feel like this break has been REALLY good for me! I feel rejuvenated and ready to blog again. I have lots of new ideas, and the motivation to keep up with the same old goals. The new year is fast approaching, and Mr. Gaunt and I are getting a head start. For Christmas we bought each of us a 3 month membership to the gym. Today will be day 4 of going together. We are also both in major weight loss mode, both having gained like 20 pounds since the wedding…sheesh! But it’s cool, we have a wedding in the beginning of March (I’m the MOH) that we both need to be lookin’ fit and trim for! Despite the fact that I have to make Almond Roca and Thumbprint cookies tomorrow, I will not let it throw me off track. I AM WEIGHT LOSS WOMEN, HEAR ME ROAR!

So I hope everyone else is doing well. Regular blogging will return so very soon! Is everyone thinking of their New Years Resolutions? Do share! I need inspiration!


I got my wedding pictures back (OMG it took 10 weeks!) and you will get the first look at them in January! Here’s a sneak peak…


The Not Dirty Workout Pants

This morning I was folding laundry and I pulled my workout pants out of the dryer.

1. They were definitely NOT dirty, as they have definitely NOT been worn since September.

2. Boo…I suck.

I feel sluggish and tired and fat and lazy these days. I feel overwhelmed by the loss of light (dark at 4:30!) and it makes me not want to do anything. I Looonng for the days of summer where it was light until 10! And we at so healthy and I ran at least 4 days a week, and when J would get home from work we would use the barbels to strength train.

God I feel sick with how lethargic we have become. How couch loving, cake eating, grossness.

I want to feel motivated again to at least be healthy.

I need pride back.

I need strength back.

I need energy back.

I’m really poor right now, but I might fork over the money for a gym membership again. I can’t work out in the dark, but I have got to feel better about myself. And no more sugar! God I have way to much sugar in my life! I’m debating giving up sugar in January as my New Years Resolution. I’m really good at New Years Resolutions, so we will see.