Did you know?

That I am a TOTAL Teeny-Bopper? Its true. I never grew out of it, I still maintain that seeing NSYNC when I was 14 was the best concert ever! Ha! Anyways last February I read ALL the Twilight books in 4 weeks, yum! They are, to quote Oprah “Delicious reading” so anyways I saw Twilight in theaters last year and kind of hated it. I mean I still enjoyed it because its set in Washington and because I loved the books, but it was of no real quality. Tonight Mr. Gaunt and I had some time to kill so we went and saw New Moon. My overall opinion was that it was very similar to Twilight in it’s quality, maybe a smidge better. The wolves were pretty bad ass and I actually thought Jacob and Bella had WAAAY better chemistry than Bella and Edward. Perhaps I might say I’m TEAM JACOB? It was silly but pleasing. I may actually re read the books now that its been about a year.