BODY+SOUL (natural beauty products)

Is my new favorite magazine (next to Weight Watchers and Marie Claire) which I started reading a couple months ago. Its a Martha Stewart publication and its full of organic natural tips for your every day life…er…kind of.


See in my secret fantasies I hope to one day be wealthy enough to actually go all organic/green/natural, to sew my children’s clothing (speaking of check out this blog) make my own bread, grow my own vegetables. Today however I live in an apartment with no garden, and my budget is NOT Whole Foods Friendly (even if I do allow myself $30 a month to spend there). I also love the idea of home made and organic cleaning supplies and medicines, as well as a diet full of organic fruits and veggies!


Reading this months Body+Soul I found a few beauty products that really struck my fancy.

1. Natural Mascara – I LOVE the idea of this! Mascara often irritates my eyes, as well as having an almost paint like smell. I would even be willing to take a slightly less effective mascara if it was natural, I mean come on who wants to be putting toxins on their EYES?! Anyways here’s the problem: the magazine reviewed 4 different brands all ranging in price from $22-$30! Really? $30 for mascara? Im a $10 mascara kind of gal…even when I’m splurging its for the $20 tube of Clinique. I did a bit of research online and found these:

Honeybee Garden’s Makes a $10 tube

Physicians Formula Makes a $9.95 tube

SunCoat – Makes a $14.99 tube (vegan made from sugar)

Cosmetic Kitchen – Makes a $16.70 tube (Sensitive eye vegan formula)

So there ARE options out there. I really think Im gonna try the physicians formula (mostly because I can buy it in stores and not order it). In fact the entire idea of natural cosmetics is appealing. Ill let you know what I get and what I like. Any recommendations would be great too.

2. Organic Nail Polish Remover: They listed one for $22! Seeing as my bottle cost about ONE dollar, thats about $21 more than I have ever spent on a nail polish remover. So again me and google got together and here’s what we found (not cheap, but better):

SunCoat – Natural nail polish remover $6-$10

Sante’s Cosmetics – Natural Nail Polish Remover -$9.00

Also did you know Sephora has a whole section for natural cosmetics? Pretty sweet! Im excited to try some of this!