Two Weeks, Taxes, and Valentines

We got our Taxes…Woop Woop! Our savings is finally looking a bit more robust. After a month of car problems, work problems, and health problems, its nice to get some good news….in cash form.

Mr. Gaunt is off today at a Golf Expo with his friend Drew, so I am going off on a hunt for a valentine for him! I’m gonna hit up the shops of Pearl St, and then to get some cookie baking stuff. We are going over to Jenny and Justin’s (and Liam’s) tonight and I would like to bring Liam a Valentine and some cookies too. Plus Mr. Gaunt has been begging me to make him cookies for like 2 years now. And by cookies I mean something with real butter and Sugar, and not Vegan….lol.

Monday will mark 2 weeks until I leave. This is exciting and nerve-racking. I need to find us a storage unit this weekend and change my flight over. There is talk of me transferring my job temporarily so I can get my bonus, we will see on Monday.

Mr. Gaunt’s transfer has gotten a bit confusing, so hopefully that all works itself out today. I am soooo excited to get back home and start really planning my wedding (first time I will actually be seeing the inside of my wedding venue!) and get into our new house and start painting and garden planning. Our Save the Dates are going out this weekend too! Yay! Then I can show you how I made them.

I leave you with a picture of Hula on our Heating Pad. Her and I fight over it. I get up and she scurries over and lies on it. Sometimes she like to act extra cute to deter me from kicking her off. It’s a good thing we have two of them.

-13 February

When we woke up for work (5am) it was -13 with a -30 windchill. It said you could get frost bite within 10 minutes. No thanks. We stayed in bed a snuggled Hula and were warm.

Today is the first day of February! I must say that January and February are my two least favorite months. They are cold and boring, and I am usually waiting for something coming up like a vacation, or spring break, or this year…a move.

February marks only 1 month left to pack for me. I gave myself a goal to be DONE with packing by March 1st so that I have about 12 days to do cleaning and painting and repairs. I don’t want to bring it down to the wire. Now. Mr. Gaunt will still be here through the end of March, but I want him to relax and enjoy his last few weeks and not have to worry about any of that stuff. So I have 4 weekends to get in gear.

February also marks 8 months until our wedding! I feel like we are on track financially and planning wise.  Most of the big things have been booked or are going to be booked in March (we want to meet our DJ before booking him). I’m excited to do menu planning and decoration purchasing when we finally get to Washington.

I plan to make Chili today, and I plan to venture out for coffee and a muffin, as I REALLY want a muffin.

Ok that’s it.



Thursday Night Excitement!

Its a total lie, unless you find cat pictures really exciting.

-A Painting will be shipped

-The bookshelves will be purged (and possibly packed)

-The spare room will be organized to accommodate packed boxes

-The Armour/Desk will be emptied and cleaned

-The cardboard will be organized

-The Medicine drawer/cabinets will be purged

-The camera will be uploaded

-Photos will be edited and blogged

-Dinner will be cooked, still trying to eat all the pantry food before the move

Tomorrow I’m having a girls night, then Sunday Mr. Gaunt and I are going to a wedding Expo at Invesco Field! All very pleasing. Ok now for the good stuff! I leave you with some pictures of my two favorite people…Being ungodly adorable.


A Weekend. A List.

We are having a snow day today! Mr. Gaunt and I ran a few errands (obviously it’s not that bad) and we finished 2 paintings, as well as bought 2 more canvas’ for paintings this week.  Business is going along nicely.

Other fun things:

-Later this week we are having the ARC come pick up a TON of stuff. It’s so nice not to have to bring it somewhere, you just call them and schedule a time for pick up…pleasing.

-Im also making a large delivery of art/sewing supplies to the Ronald McDonald house of Aurora. Very excited about this!

-Im on the hunt for Canisters. All of my baking stuff (flour, sugar, etc) is in Ziplock Bags. Not very safe or functioning. I wish I could find some used or something.

-We got rid of FIVE large trash bags of clothing!

-I cleaned out all my food cabinets and tossed all the weird stuff. Now we are on a mission to eat everything before we move.

-Today we cleaned and listed a ton of furniture on Craigslist. The rule is, the price drops until it sells. Nothing comes with.

-We are going to go next week and have the trailer hitch installed on my car at Uhaul.

-The both of us have cooked for the last 4 nights. I even have some recipes to show you very soon.

Alright, nothing too exciting. I leave you with some pictures from the weekend.

Friday night my friend Dominique and I had Sushi and Cocktails at John Holly's

Saturday we went through most of the Kitchen and Spare Room, resulting in 7 large donation boxes.

The Kitchen counter turned into a sorting area. KEEP TOSS DONATE

Sunday we went through all our clothing and extra linens. 5 Donation bags.

Sunday night it snowed resulting in a SNOW DAY!

The Mood, The Body, and The New Year

With the holidays past and the present too far off, I am left to stir.

And itch and scratch and bitch and batch?

We have therapy on Wednesday…thank the lord! I could use someone to pay to listen to me cry.

I had a few days where I didn’t regularly take my 5HTP. Is that really what threw my emotions to the wolves?

I’m extra uncomfortable in my body these days . I think it knows that it’s in change mode. It also knows that it has to put on a big white dress in the near future. It’s a bit pissed off. I’m a bit pissed off at it too.

I might be the best and worst planner. I plan until I freak out and then I don’t follow through with the plan or the freaking out.  I’m very unproductive.

I also worry too much about the shit I don’t have or can’t make happen. I’m very un-content.

Here are the goals for the next 24 hours. I’m trying to live in the present…or the VERY near future:

1. Find my cell phone.

2. Make Chili for lunches tomorrow

3. Make some stir fry for tonight’s dinner

4. straighten the mess a bit

5. Think real hard about getting more 5HTP

6. Watch a movie with Mr. Gaunt

7. Make my car payment

8. Email back 3 new customers

9. Make 2 new stencils

10. Not cry or say nasty things to people who do not deserve, nor want to hear nasty things yelled at them.

Tonight we packed Nic Naks and Christmas. We have made a calendar of WEEK-BY-WEEK packing and organizing, to reduce the stress of doing too much at once. I tackled Christmas and Nic Naks, and Mr. Gaunt went through all of our CD’s and organized and purged. Little by little.