Sleep it Off

Yesterday was kind of a blah day for me. I felt horribly tired and sad, so I took a nice long nap, and then laid on the couch. Oh well. The closer the wedding gets the more I tend to let my feelings about things overwhelm me. I’m working on it.

Weight loss is going splendidly. I’m down about 12 pounds, and am only 2 pounds away from my end of my goal (to lose 15 pounds). Besides our hike on Saturday I didn’t work out this weekend, but today I will be starting again. My MOH came up this weekend and brought me some heavier weights. I’m going to youtube some videos on how to use them. I’d really love to get my arms firmer. Oh and we saw Bridesmaids…amazing…especially the part with Wilson Philips, as I sang Hold On in my 2nd grade talent show, hand signs and all.

I’ve decided since I’m now working in an office (and not in a hardware store) to try to grow my nails out. I don’t bite them, but they have always stayed short because of the line of work I was in. It’s a silly goal, but it would be nice to have them for the wedding.

I really think I want to finish Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis this summer. I started it a long time ago and found it very challenging, but I think it would be a good place to let my brain go and wander around.

I bought an amazing sweatshirt at Goodwill yesterday that has a screen print of a screaming squirrel on it. It’s so weird I should take a picture of it to show you.

I have major Honeymoon on the brain. Mr. Gaunt and I on a tropical vacation, just the two of us. Sigh, sounds freaking amazing! If I can manage to work enough overtime this summer, were doing it!

Happy Monday!!!