Good Move Captain

I may have made a few wrong turns today (pumpkin bread) but I’m ending the evening doing some RIGHT moves!

I went and got a few things I needed at the store:

-Fat Free Yogurt. Of the holiday variety, maybe the Pumpkin flavor will curb my need to get Pumpkin Bread at Starbucks

-Frozen Asian Veggies. They say frozen is almost as nutritious as fresh, so don’t rule it out…its SO much easier, and they don’t spoil

-Bananas. We like to split a banana in the morning on our cereal.

-Tangerines! Yay I love winter because you can get big boxes of Tangerines everywhere! I could eat 4 or 5 of these a day.

-Green Tea. Which I’m going to make tomorrow and keep cold in the fridge as my go to drink.

-Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, Power Bars. Without a “bar snack” mid afternoon, bad things happen…note: Pumpkin Bread. Its important to mix it up too, otherwise you get bored.

Then I cleaned my kitchen and did all the dishes! A clean house makes me happy and a messy house makes me mad, therefore I should put a little extra effort into making myself happy.

We mailed out a painting going to Kentucky…what fun! And I’m painting the first coat on a painting we will deliver on Thursday.

I made Quinoa, Chicken, and Asian Veggie stir fry in bulk for lunches for the week. I really need to get back into cooking lunches at the beginning of the week, it makes for much less stressful mornings. I also havent used my Quinoa is WAY too long. It’s almost like I need a little refresher in all the things I taught myself about healthy eating.

Mr. Gaunt and I are in talks of doing Gym Memberships for Christmas. We check out TONS of music at the library,a nd we are thinking we could do books on tape. Together we can motivate each other.

I also got a new issue of Clean Eating Magazine in the mail. I HATE getting the mail, but its more fun when I get magazines. Im excited to try some new recipes.

Its been a good evening. Even when I felt like I might freak out, I told myself to calm down and not cry and just get my act together, and do the things we need to do. It makes the evening so much more pleasant when you feel accomplished.

Night All!


I made a new Light Box! See…

Now I can post pretty food pictures again like my stir fry!