Thats Not Even a Pound!

Weigh in SUCKED this week. Booo. Wanna know how bad…


yup you read that right, I lost .6 of a pound. Lame.

That is not what I need to hit 75lbs lost by January 1st…no sir!

Anyways Im over it. I can blab about how much harder I need to work this week, and I really hope I do, but blabbing isnt seeing results. I probably ate too many carbs this week, a lot of rice and bread. Ugg. Tomorrow I plan on going grocery shopping so hopefully things get better. I cant beat myself up over it, I will just have to push on.

Im blamming these for my shitty loss too….DAMN YOU O.G. BREADSTICKS!



Ok so 5 months was October 4th…but still! Tonight I went to my weigh in (which by the way was the best meeting ever! But more on that later) really hoping to lock in my 50lbs. Now like I have said before my scale has said 50lbs lost for a while now, but you have to get at least 2lbs below that number for it to show up on the WW scale…so…Tonights weigh in read..

2.4lbs lost!

Thats 50.6 pounds total..woop woop! Go me! Can you tell Im pretty thrilled about this? (=

In equally silly news I totally teared up at my meeting! Ha! Yeah I was THAT GIRL, the one that cries in front of a crowd of people…sigh. We had a substitute leader who I LOVED, some of the leaders are a little too positive “GO TEAM!” style, but this one was really down to earth and a little bitch…thats my kinda lady. And the topic was Putting Yourself First which I relate to really well cause Im a selfish bitch because the last 5 months have been about putting myself and my weight loss first. I mean I quit my job and got  a new one because I needed a lifestyle that worked for me! So then we had awards and I talked about my fifty pounds and then got all choked up and just wanted to ball and gush about my love for my new lifestyle. Im a dork. Anyways things went really well and I really feel on track for my January goal. Oh and look over there at the goals…another one met! —–>

And a picture from today to mark what I look like after losing 50lbs:

Always a before (to add dramatic effect):

Yeah remember this one!

Yeah remember this one!

After loosing 50 pounds:

Kind of a goofy pose

Kind of a goofy pose

Weigh-in and next Goal!

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte!

Iced Pumpkin Spice Latte!



Well I went yesterday to my weigh in. Meeting topic was “how to not get bored with your food and excercise” I feel like I have done pretty good with this, big props to this blog for the motivation to make new fun things to eat! The exercise thing is more of annoyance than boredom…ha! Anyways it rained a ton yesterday so I was soaking wet when I weighed in, and because it was so cold I had to layer up (usually I wear as little clothing as possible to weigh in) so my weight wasnt so great. I lost 1.4 lbs putting me at 48.2 overall. Please note that that is absolutely 50lbs naked! On my scale it reads 51lbs off. Although I didnt hit my WW weigh in 50lb goal by the end of September I know that I was very close and I am ok with this. As I continue to get smaller (ha…not like Im small!) it will get increasingly harder to shed the pounds, I have to really kick up my routine.

Anyways I do have another goal already set: I want to hit 75lbs lost by January 1st. That means 25 more pounds in 86 days, or 21.5 weeks. So basically I need to loose 1.2 lbs or more at EVERY weigh in. This feels pretty attainable, I guess it will be slightly harder now that winter is coming and I have to be inside more. Also less vegetables and more holiday baking…eek! But Im going to work my butt off and make this happen!

What are your goals for the last few months of 2009? Leave them in the comments!

Anniversary, Pizza and Weight Loss

First thing is first, yesterday was officially my three year anniversary of living in Colorado. This my friends is a feat in itself, a struggle along a very bumpy path. I have gone back and forth in my feelings for Colorado, and for Washington for that matter. At this point in time life is going pretty well and I have a wonderful path (of weight loss) that I am focusing on, that in this environment is working. I also have Mr. Gaunt here and that is quite nice. Im up in the air about my next step, and right now I am living in the moment and staying focused on me.

Next up Weight loss! I went to my meeting this morning before work and had a successful 2.2lb loss! Woohoo! That puts me at 45.2 overall, just a mere 4.8lbs aways from my Halloween goal of 50lbs! It would be so nice to hit that early.  Most of my goals have come a little early but the 50lb goal is a HUGE one, right below 75lb (which in my head is the biggest goal which I hope to hit by January). So none the less Im going to continue to workout at the gym and eat well and go to my meetings and widdle away the weight. With the winter coming up I need to look into some warmer clothing especially a coat, but I would love to be down another 10lbs to go shopping for those, fingers crossed the weight loss comes before the snow.

Oh and last but not least Pizza! I worked late tonight so Mr. Gaunt made me this pizza. No recipe but the ingredients are Mozzarella, artichoke hearts, tomato, pesto, onions, spinach, spinach sausage (on half) and feta. Lordy was it delicious!



A Little Weight Lost

First before we get into weight loss I want to share a meal, because well I love to take pictures of food and Mr. Gaunt was the chef tonight which always makes me happy.

I bought Whole Wheat Panko Breadcrumbs a few weeks ago at Whole Foods, and have wanted to use them but hadnt gotten around to it. It can be hard to find a Panko crusted recipe that doesnt intail a vat of oil to deep fry (hommie doesnt deep fry). So tonight after work Mr. Gaunt pulled this out of the oven:



He said he used Tilapia lightly sprayed with I Cant Believe Its Not Butter, then coated with Panko (including piling a little on top when its in the pan) and baked it in the oven. Then he sauted fresh spinach, onions, cherry tomatoes and a little light feta as a fish bed. Oh it was sooo yummy. totally fixed my evening veggie craving and any Fish and Chips needs too!

Ok moving on to weight loss, I finally dragged my ass to a Weight Watchers meeting down here in Littleton. It was interesting going to a new meeting, especially without Pro. Anyways things went well, I lost 2.4 lbs, which sounds good unless you realize thats for 2 weeks…ugg. Oh well, after yesterday’s birthday splurge, Im back on track and creeping closer to 50 lbs lost every day!

Changes in Face

One thing that I have noticed (and love) is the changes in my face over the last month or so. Going from 20lbs in early july to 40lbs mid August. Things have just slimmed out and I dont have to worry as much about a double chin in photos….eww. That was a big wake up call in deciding to loose weight, the fact that no matter what angle I took a picture I always had a double chin…yuck. But now things are getting much better. I have a really busy week what with wedding planning so Im going to look into going to a Tuesday morning WW meeting down here as opposed to driving 45 min to Westminster. I think the week has gone well, Im down 5lbs on my scale naked so Id love to see a 2.5-3lb loss for the week…yay…so close to 50lbs lost! 

Anyways here are two examples of my face…ha! One from exactly a year ago and one from 3 months ago, I wish I had some god awful straight on shots from before but this will have to do:


face with pro