Mom’s Bathroom

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was painting my mom’s Bathroom. My sister and Mr. Gaunt and I all went in and bought her new towels, shower curtain, rug, and a gift card for paint. Then she bought stuff to repair her always running toilet, and cleaning supplies. We spent a good full day cleaning, painting and fixing it up.

All the linens are from Target, specifically this line. The paint is Martha Stewart, but GAH I’ll have to check with my mom on the color. Trim is Ultra Pure White. The one thing we still need to do is raise the curtain rod, as this shower curtain is super long.

Just call me Morgan Stewart

Because me and Martha would make an awesome team…seriously.

There has been a truck load of wedding crafting around here! I really do plan to show more of these items in detail, this is just a splash of crafty candy for your eyes! to say that my house is a bit of a mess wouldn’t be a lie. Oh well, it keeps me entertained.

Needless to say Hula does NOTHING but lay around on the coffee table looking adorable.


To Christmas or Not To Christmas?

That is the question.

I’m mostly talking about decorating.

Part of me really wants to decorate, and part of me thinks whats the point?

However I’m really trying to let my inner “martha” take over and let myself enjoy the Holidays.

So in the spirit of “doin’ it up” I’m going to post some fun things to make over the holidays, and hey I just make actually make some of them…lol!


Doily Ornaments

Ribbon Star ornaments

Paper Doily Wreath

Pinecone Trees