Might I have 3 jobs?

Tonight is my first night at my new job. I’m excited and nervous, and a little scared. Not really because of the job, more because I realized today that this is my 3rd job. I have my “real” full-time job that I go to Monday-Friday 6-2:30. And then I have my “please please please one day make enough to be my real job” job of doing custom paintings. This I work on 1-2 hours daily, but is not something I get paid hourly for, obviously. And now my new part-time seasonal job, that will be 12-16 hours a week through February. It’s a lot to wrap my head around, and I worry I may be pushing myself past my limit. However there are BIG goals in sight and I need to buckle down and make them happen!

Today was full of laundry and grocery shopping. I’m starting Weight Watchers again tomorrow night, which I am SOOO excited about (and will do a long post tomorrow after the meeting) and yesterday was a Octoberfest Beer Tasting at a friend’s house (Pumpkin Whoopie Pies were a huge hit, and I will post that later too).

I’m hoping all this work will only keep me busy enough not to let my mind get all crazy with anticipation of moving and wedding, but not keep me too busy so that I have no time to blog or love my man. Speaking of Mr. Gaunt, I will be leaning on him a lot to do the “house husband” duties, and I’m sure he will be amazingly supportive as always.

And so I leave you with some adorable pictures of Hula, because until we have kids she is my baby and I think she is just precious!

Can crafting make us money?

This is my ultimate life goal: To make money being crafty. My mom did it, my best friends parents did it too. Hundreds of people on Etsy do it every day! I however have yet to find my THING. Something I am good at, that people want to buy. I dabbled a bit in felt sewn art, but found that although people thought it was cool, they didn’t really understand it. I made a few hundred dollars over the year, but basically just put it back into art supplies.

Last week I had a breakthrough! Seriously. While thinking up a gift for Jenny’s birthday I came across an idea that just might be something people would want to buy! We have actually done this before, but this one turned out extra good, good enough to sell even. ┬áBasically we will be making custom stencil paintings of babies, people, weddings, pets etc (see example below) at a reasonable price.

Mr. Gaunt and I got all excited and after hearing such great responses from people we really think we are going to give this little idea a shot. Jenny’s husband Justin is onboard too, he is going to help us with the marketing aspect, because that’s what we kind of stink at, and he is very good at it.

The next few weeks we will be putting together some examples and working with Justin on how to get this started. Wish us luck!

Oh and here is what we made for Jenny. It’s from a photo I took about 4 months ago of little Liam, I wish I had taken a better pic of the finished product. As you can see its pretty large.

Mr. Gaunt holding the painting of Liam

Based on this photograph