Daily Eats – Day 25

Today was a nice food day. I ate healthy, but it was all delicious! At work they had a party and of course all the leftovers were veggies and veggie sandwiches. Yay for me! For dinner I had roasted Vegetables (that my mom gave me) with Collared Greens, Chicken Sausage and a little rice. Then I caved and let myself have rice pudding! Oh how dreamy it was, and yeah there is a little sugar in (14g) but it felt more like a yogurt than a pudding, so I’m ok with it.

Gym was good too. ABS ABS ABS!

Daily Eats – Day 23

Just a few new things. Almonds, Craisins (in an attempt to kill my Hot Fudge Sunday craving. It worked….for now. For dinner Mr. Gaunt made me Collared Greens, Sausage, Lima Beans, and Eggplant. Amazing.

Gym today was super lame as ALL the cardio machines were full (I hate my gym) so we did the rowing machine. We will see if my shoulders want to fall off tomorrow. As soon as our contract is up next month we are going to try out a different gym.

Daily Eats – Day 22

We spent the whole day at my moms painting her bathroom. We all went out to Mexican, which is a gut bomb, so I had cereal for dinner…lol. Back to the gym tomorrow..yay!

Non fat Vanilla Latte. Grapefruit. Fish Tacos. Chips and Salsa. Glass of Sangria.

Dried Fig. Lunch Meat with Mustard. Special K. Coconut Juice.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, it flew by for me, but I managed to get a lot of things accomplished. I’m moderately looking forward to my new position at work this week, which is a nice change over dying of boredom.

Happy Sunday – Weigh In

Those two things don’t really go together though. We will get right to it, this week wasn’t so good. I don’t really have any excuses, I ate too much, drank too much and now weigh a little more.

Me     +1

Mr. Gaunt     -3

Yup I gained a pound.  I could easily say it had to do with lifting weights and blah blah blah, but I doubt I gained a pound of muscle this week lol. But it’s ok. It’s a good reminder that if I want to lose weight I have to wait until I am HUNGRY to eat and stop when I am FULL.

But I’m not letting this get me down today. It still will be a happy Sunday! Me and my sister and Mr. Gaunt are going to help my mom re-do her bathroom today! For Christmas the three of us got her all new bathroom linens (towels, rugs, curtain etc) and a Home Depot gift card to buy paint. So today we are going to finally do it. We also have plans to fix her crazy running toilet and maybe re-caulk the tub, we will see. These are the kinds of things I missed so much while I was in Colorado, and would have killed to spend a day working on a project with my family, so I’m going to enjoy it!

Oooh! Also if you remember me talking about workout pants last week, I’ve been on the hunt. I was having the hardest time finding any that met my requirements.

1. No fold over waste band (they fall down)

2. Capri Length

3. NOT shiny (my ass does not need to be reflective)

4. Tight at the top but with a slightly flared calf (or at least not skin tight at the calf)

5. Not $$$

Which is impossible to find you guys! I found a few at Costco that looked ok, but they were pricey $30 (seriously folks, I’m REALLY poor). I originally like these from Old Navy, but they only come in plus size and I like them pretty tight. I also really like these from the GAP but they were $50! I had a 30% off coupon, but with shipping they were still pricey. I came thisclose to ordering them, but didn’t. A few people told me to go to Luluemon (or their outlet) and yeah ok, these, these, and this are all mad cute, but like I would ever spend $86 on yoga pants…ha! Insanity!

So I put it off, and I wore my yucky old ones, or the ones with the fold over waste that fall down, until yesterday. Mr. Gaunt and I were at Value Village trolling the aisles not finding much, until I remembered the workout pants. Now normally I almost put workout pants into the same category as tights…in that I don’t really want to wear someone elses, but I thought just a glance wouldn’t hurt. This is where the Used Clothing Gods shined their light upon me and reminded me to not be a stuck up dumb girl dreaming of $86 workout pants and remember that if I believe in them enough the Used Clothing Gods will always provide for me.

BAM! Brand new looking Champion workout pants $5

Annnnnndd a super cute Adidas reversible Workout Skirt $7 (they are like $50 new!)

So yeah, that’s freaking excellent! I cant wait to go burn off the pound I gained this week! Also the snow all melted which makes my life 1000x better. It also makes it so I don’t just want to sit in my house and eat chicken pot pies all day. COME SOON SPRING!