Family Meals and The Quarter Pig

This meal was made by my mom last Sunday after we all worked on the yard. One of things I missed the MOST in Colorado was my mom’s cooking, and eating with my family. I really like that I’m the one now with the house that people gather at, it’s really nice. It makes me look forward to holidays coming up!

-Ceasar Salad

-Quinoa Pasta and Pesto

-BBQ Chicken and Sausage and Ham


Normally I don’t eat Pork products. Mostly I have never really been a fan of pork, and partly because it’s just a weird meat. My mom’s friend raises pigs and my mom bought a 1/4 of a pig a few weeks ago. Since then we have had some amazing Bacon, and now really good Ham! I don’t even like Ham, but this was really good. I don’t know, I guess I like when I know where my meat is coming from, plus I swear it tastes way better.