Thursday Night Excitement!

Its a total lie, unless you find cat pictures really exciting.

-A Painting will be shipped

-The bookshelves will be purged (and possibly packed)

-The spare room will be organized to accommodate packed boxes

-The Armour/Desk will be emptied and cleaned

-The cardboard will be organized

-The Medicine drawer/cabinets will be purged

-The camera will be uploaded

-Photos will be edited and blogged

-Dinner will be cooked, still trying to eat all the pantry food before the move

Tomorrow I’m having a girls night, then Sunday Mr. Gaunt and I are going to a wedding Expo at Invesco Field! All very pleasing. Ok now for the good stuff! I leave you with some pictures of my two favorite people…Being ungodly adorable.


A List::

of things i want to do:

-Work through all the beautiful indie music out their and make a wedding play lists. With help from Mix Tape Love, this should be easy.

-Use the video camera I bought Mr. Gaunt 2 years ago to make sweet little movies for our future selves and children.

-Pick one of the many cookbooks I have and work cook my way through it.

-Buy All of these shirts.

-Make an Advent Calendar Pyramid Garland

-Rent some Phoenix Cd’s at the Library

I also found the most amazing song tonight, oh how I wish I could share it with you! However I’m going to try to convince Mr. Gaunt to use it for our first dance, in which case it would be a surprise so I can’t share it. But lordy its amazing! I’m sitting on my couch wearing headphones (while the boys play DJ HERO) and I keep listening to this song over and over and smiling.

Lists are for Lovers

I have decided to make a list of all that’s going on in the next bit. I’m feeling a hair overwhelmed and I think a list will help me focus! Today Mr. Gaunt and I DEEP cleaned our spare room (which is mostly craft supplies, office stuff, and board games) and got rid of a ton of crap! Well we put it into bags and boxes in hopes of having a big garage sale. We wont really be able to have another garage sale before we move so I hope we can sell most of it this summer. I’m going to really try not to buy anymore stuff over the next year. We will be moving and then getting married, so we will need to get rid of lots and then get new nicer stuff. For birthdays and christmas and such I’m hoping to DO fun things rather than buy more stuff we don’t need. Even clothes, and I’m a clothes WHORE! But nope…no more clothing shopping for me! I have plenty! Except new underwear, Id like new underwear and new tennis shoes for my birthday.

I’ve also come to the realization that the less clothing and dishes you have, the less laundry and dishwashing you have to do…DING DING DING! So Buh-Bye to all the “extra” dishes we only keep as backups. And Buh-Bye to all the crappy tank tops and ill fighting jeans that I only keep incase the good ones are dirty. I hate them anyways and they just cause more mess!

I’ve mentioned before that we don’t have a garage or yard to have a garage sale, so I’m hoping one of our wonderful friends will offer theirs up…wink wink. Because I hate to just donate all this stuff when we could maybe make a little cash, which we DESPERATELY need.

Anyways on to my list:

1. August 23rd **fingers crossed*** I move to Mr. Gaunt’s Team at Work

2. Decide which car we are going to sell. We may now sell Mr. Gaunt’s for a number of reasons.

3. Get Credit cards! We NEED to build credit in the next year.

4. Have a new tail pipe put on Mr. Gaunt’s car


6. Look into getting an engagement ring made. financially we have been holding off on this…)=

7. Join the gym! Mr. Gaunt wants us to both go together and get our butts in shape for the wedding!

8. Get new Tennis shoes. The ones I currently have my mom bought me in August of 2006 right before I moved to Colorado.

9. Talk to our Landlord about signing a 6 month lease.

10. September 25th Put deposit down on Wedding Venue

11. Plan trip for just me back to Washington in DEcember to look at wedding stuff

12. Pay Mr. Gaunt’s mom back for…oh a million things…lol! We should just give all of our paychecks to her!

13. Keep working on paintings! Mamma needs some new shoes!

14. Look into rescuing a new kitten. Dumb friends league of Denver is doing free adoption and spaying until 8/31

15. SAVE $$$ SAVE $$$ SAVE! We gotta move and pay for a wedding this year!

I leave you with some pics from a few weekends ago when we helped Jenny and Justin paint their new basement and Liam’s new haircut!

Jenny and I. Yes I'm wearing a Weird Al shirt!

It's gonna be super sweet when its done!

In his Boundary Bay-bies Shirt!

He looks like such a big boy...makes me sad!

Hey MOM!

It has come to my attention that I have been a blog slacker. This is sorta true, we are too darn busy. I’m keeping this short because I had two margaritas for Cinco De Mayo, and I’m tipsy. I did however get a new phone, woohoo! And my BFF Mallory and I have decided to start our own Eco/Green Friendly Event Planning business together! Well we have lots to think about, and I have to move back to Washington, but it is all very exciting! I also booked tickets to Washington for July.

I wish I was gonna see my mom for Mothers day! Hopefully her card gets there on time, I miss her.

Today is my one year anniversary of losing weight. I have gained 5lbs, Im lame. I think I might have to revamp my eating tomorrow, I’ll blog about it. In honor of this, I cut 4 inches off my hair. I think I like it, it’s a lot healthier.

I leave you with a pics that didn’t need a whole post, but together make a fun collage!

Mr. Gaunt and I. This is his “I love u” face.

And Hula being cute drinking milk

Oh and I bought a Brita, but have had some difficulties with it, I’ll blog about “WATER” soon

I also snuggled a Fritz!

Had a girls night with Dominique and C’est Moi Jolie! We are planning a big girls night for the Premier of Sex and the City!

Made a yummy Vegan Chocolate Cereal snack with Kiwi!


A simple Summer List

My lovely lady Kelli is always making blog lists.

I really enjoy a blog list.

This is my Summer Blog List:

1. Hit the farmers market every Sunday and buy as much local as I can. (Market opens May 1st!)

2. Take at least one quick swim every day after work (Pool open May 31st)

3. Take Mr. Gaunt to a You-Pick Farm (see the list of farms here)

4. Hike Garden of The Gods and spend time in Manitou Springs.

5. Hit up as many weekend festivals as we can! Peoples Fair, Ren Fest, Beer Fest, and More!

6. Spend a weekend camping at Mt. Rushmore.

7. Visit Jake in Los Alamos New Mexico.

8. Take a writing class, golfing class, blogging class at ACC Community Classes.

9. Buy a bike and bike regularly with Mr. Gaunt.

10. Plant an entire window sill herb garden.