The Laundry Room – Pretty in Peach

It’s been a long time since we have done any major home repairs/remodel. It’s actually been a full year since we moved in last March, crazy. I remember when we first moved in feeling panicked that I had to clean and update every room in the whole house right away. And I did, well, almost every room.  One room I didn’t touch was the laundry room. The main reason I didn’t do the laundry room, was that it honestly felt too hard. It was such a mess, and the flooring was soooo gross (see here where I tried to clean it) that I doubted I could even do much. Plus I really couldn’t afford to buy even more paint and supplies, so I told myself to wait, and wait I did. I waited 12 whole months before even attempting to fixe this room up. I had even picked out an amazing paint color (Martha Stewart Butternut Squash), which I promptly bought with some tax return dolla’s last month, I enlisted Mr. Gaunt, and we set out to whip that room into shape.

To start we painted the whole room, and all the trim, doors, and cabinets EVEN THE CEILING. Next we moved the refrigerator (it lives in the laundry room because I like the kitchen more open. At first people think this is a little odd, but it makes so much sense for us) from being just around the kitchen corner, to sitting between the hot water heater and the furnace. Then we hung some old Ikea curtains that an old roommate gave me (hi Andrea!) to hide the unsightly appliances a little. Last we hung up some extra hooks and some white shelves I go for $5 at a thrift store. And here she is folks (sorry the photos are kinda wonky, it’s a tight space)

This first photo is if you are standing in the kitchen looking into the laundry room. See the fridge on the right, and the back door is on the left (where you can’t see).

This shot is looking back at the kitchen. Again fridge on the left and back door on the right.

A closer look of the washer. In an ideal world the washer and dryer would both fit in this nook. Whomever designed this house didn’t think that through. The washer is actually “newer” than the dryer, we bought it this last summer because the old one was nasty and broken. Of course that litter box is unfortunate, but dead kitties that live outside are MORE unfortunate, so it stays.

This is where we keep our reusable bags. I adjusted the number of hooks to reduce the over-filling problem. You don’t own 35 reusable bags…oh.

This photo shows where the fridge was, and where we moved it. You can see the panel on the floor that the fridge was sitting on. For an entire year I thought the seal was busted on this fridge, once we moved it off the panel and onto level ground, it seals perfect. Hindsight folks. You can also kind of see the hot water heater behind the fridge.

The AFTER shot shows this area better. This is between the Hot Water heater and the Furnace, where the litter box use to live, and the fridge now lives.

This is the furnace corner. I love this furnace because it is new, not because it is pretty.

Here is the blank wall where we hung shelves for me to store party supply stuff and other large glass items that I use often, and think are cute.  You can also kind of see how we hung the curtains using inexpensive curtain rods and small “bike” hooks. This makes them hang nice and straight and makes them easy to take down.

So there you have it. I’m soooo in love with the color, I will probably use it for a nursery one day. The whole room just feels so much nicer and roomier and happier. I love it! The only thing I hate is the flooring, but that’s where I draw the line when updating houses I don’t own…lol…maybe.