Thats so much better!

I walked/jogged 3.5 Miles and felt awesome!

I love my neighborhood, and it looks so cool with all the leaves everywhere.

I listened to lots of cutesy Juno Music,

So I figure I get off work every day at 4pm, and sunset is at 4:30, so I should be able to get in a little evening workout before its pitch black…lol. Maybe the husband will go too.

Oh and strength training is back! DO IT!

EDIT: I attempted to do the above workout and managed to do only half. I could only do¬† 30 second chair sit, and my jumping jacks were half-assed. It’s a goal to work up to.

Now I’m off to the grocery store so I can stock up on things besides bread and sugar! And make some meals for the upcoming week.

Summer Running, Had me a Blast…

I totally forgot today is the first day of SUMMAH!

Mr. Gaunt and I sat down this morning and wrote down all (or most) of the music for the wedding, as well as mapped out the timeline. Exciting stuff, I know. Then it got late (10am) and we still hadn’t worked out. Mr. Gaunt was actually icing his knee that has ben bugging him. For a minute we discussed not working out and just doing our errands for the day. But with my new work schedule being TEN HOURS of sitting down, I knew that skiing my workout would be a bad idea. So I left Mr. Gaunt at home and went running. I had already decided to just do 30 minutes, and to try to run as much of that as I could. Then I decided right after I started running that I would just shoot for two miles (previously I have only done 1.5 without stopping). Sure enough I got on a good pace and jogged a whole TWO MILES! Woop Woop! I’m sure people driving past are shocked at my ability to jog so slowly, but my heart stay beating hard the whole time, so its good enough for me!

via Gmaps Pedometer (the greatest workout tool EVER!)

Mr. Gaunt and I have to go to Michael’s today to get stuff to make our groomsmen boutonnieres! I’m actually very excited about this little project, as we are doing something very non-traditional, but very cute!

But first…cofffee…iced…20 oz…drooooool….

Rumour Has It

Tonight between 8:04 and 8:13 I JOGGED ONE WHOLE MILE!

With help from Miss Adele…

It was awesome. I just got in this groove and kept going. Usually its my breathing that stops me, but tonight it just never got too hard. I mean I was still huffing and puffing, but it was much more rhythmic and never out of control. I like to blast my music so I can’t hear my own breathing. When I can hear it, it distracts me and makes me freak out. i hate when a song ends and there is that 10 second silence where I can really hear myself, awful. Tonight though I focused on a target, I’m lucky that my blocks are straight and I can see the end from the beginning. It gives me a destination.

After my first mile I almost felt like crying, but realized that would cause be to hyperventilate and decided it best to not cry. none the less I wished there was someone there to celebrate with me (Mr. Gaunt was on a bike ride). After that I walked a 1/2 mile, then jogged 3/4 of a mile, then walked/jogged off and on until I got home. I did 3.5 miles in 43 minutes.

This gives me hope that by the end of the summer I might be able to RUN a 5k….maybe.

When I got home Mr. Gaunt had BBQed some pork chops (from that pig my mom bought) and we picked our first head of lettuce from the garden! This was very exciting as it’s the first thing we have grown and eaten. We also clipped some herbs and made a very simple salad. Oh and we topped the pork chops off with grilled onions. Yum!

Mission Complete!

I totally jogged a 1/2 mile without stopping! Go me!

I actually jogged MOST of the first 2 miles. Then I got really tired and walked the last mile and a 1/2.

I read somewhere that when running your suppose to breathe through your nose not your mouth. I gave it a shot and thought I was going to DIE! I do not get enough oxygen through my nose. I will continue with my mouth breathing running…lol.

So I’m going to stick with my 1/2 mile jog for the week, then maybe move up to 3/4 mile next week. I’m going to get a pedometer this weekend too.

Happy Tuesday! Oh and this week I am doubling my strength training and adding 100 crunches. Anyone else pushing themselves this week?


The First Distance Challenge

Mr. Gaunt and I promised each other to PUSH ourselves this week. So tomorrow we are going to attempt a 1/2 mile of jogging without stopping. I know, I know, that seems crazy short, but we are NOT joggers. Not at all. At this point I can jog about 1/4 mile without stopping. Then I walk a little then I jog more. Its the NOT stopping thing that I wish I could do.

Our current workout routine is really nice, we do UP and DOWN 6 “blocks” (which is actually 6 lengths of 6 blocks each). Each “block” is about a 1/2 mile. So tomorrow we are going to attempt one length. We will see where we get. Tomorrow its suppose to be a little cooler so we wont die. I guess as the weather gets hotter we just have to workout earlier.

Anyways wish me luck! Ill have an update for you tomorrow afternoon.