Fathers Day is coming

So everyone is ordering paintings this week!

We have been really busy the last couple days just trying to finalize orders so they can go out on Monday and be there in time for Fathers Day. Which is why there has been little action over here, as well as little working out.

Last night I did get a drink with my sister, and today we had lunch at my moms bar. Then we had to get paint and cat food and all that exciting stuff. It is the weekend end still.

I’m hoping to workout this evening around 8pm when the sun isnt shining so much. Also do some strength training as we have been slackers. Gotta lose 2 pounds this week! Go Go Go!

Mothers Day Giveaway: J+M design

To celebrate the re-opening of our Etsy Shop J+M design we have decided to do our FIRST GIVEAWAY! Exciting, I know.

We are also BIG fans of Moms around here, so this is sort of a Mothers Day giveaway too!

Ok here are the rules:

The winner of this giveaway will receive one Free 16″ x 20″ Custom Stencil Portrait (shipped to anywhere in the US)

The winner must follow all of the guidelines from our Etsy Shop read HERE. As well as provide us with a photo to stencil.


Leave a comment below (must put an email address) telling us who you would give this to (its fine to say yourself!)

ADDITIONAL ENTRYS (you may leave an additional comment for each of the following) by:

-LIKE our Facebook Page HERE

-HEART our Etsy Shop HERE

-Leave a post on your own Facebook page linking back to this giveaway!

A winner will be picked using random.org on APRIL 22nd at Midnight West Coast time!


We wont be coming in today.

This is what Mr. Gaunt told our boss today. We are taking a personal day to get some things done. I have 2 paintings that need to be shipped out tonight. One is going to Stephanie Nielson for her blogs Handmade Holiday review. I am VERY excited about this! Her blog is very popular (for instance, my blog has 45,000 views, and her blog has 800,000 views) so this could be a really amazing opportunity for us. Plus I have a stencil proof that is going in for revisions, hopefully will sell by the 12th so I can ship it out in time for Christmas.

I also NEED¬† a few new paintbrushes, like these…drool:

Maybe I will use this:

And then of course the house needs a good scrub down and some more laundry needs to be done.

Per my mom and my little sister I started taking 5HTP which basically is an all natural supplement that helps with:



-Controls Appetite

-Boosts Metabolism

-Relieves Insomnia

-Reduces the signs of PMS, Headaches, and Fibromyalgia.

Anyway my sisters been taking it for a year now and she swears it works. So I’m giving it a shot, along with Green Tea Pills which are supposed to help with appetite control as well. Mr. Gaunt bought me a pill-box and divided them all up for me. This morning when I woke up to go to work, and then had a complete crumpled on the floor break down, Mr. Gaunt handed me my pills and called in to work. How I love him.

I have to work my other job tonight, but that I can manage. It’s that dreaded real job that can so easily throw me into a sobbing pile on the floor.

So today will be good and productive! Wish me luck!


No Rest For The Weary

Evil doings…lol…When did I get so busy?

Seriously, for a girl with little friends and a pretty sweet work schedule, I’m shocked by how little time I have these days.¬† The weekend was devoured before I even tasted it. And now I’m sitting here running through my huge list of to-do’s trying to decided what will be pushed till later, and when later might be.

Our painting business it really thriving! I’m so stinking happy about this. We sold our 4th custom order this morning and have one more ready to purchase either today or tomorrow. I’m loving it, doing art is so much more motivating when people actually want to buy it! Now I can only hope that things will keep putting along and that one day we can be making a portion of our income off it. For now the money will sit in our Paypal for moving and wedding costs.

We are doing our first craft fair on Saturday November 6th at Smoky Hill High School, and I’ve been making lots of mini paintings to sell as well as lots of examples of our custom work. Because it’s an indoor show we needed to build walls to display our canvas, so yesterday Mr. Gaunt and I went to Buds Warehouse which is a discount recycled building materials store. We bought 3 hollow core doors for $30! Now we have to paint them and hinge them together to make an accordion style wall for display. I also need to order some marketing materials from Moo Cards this week. So it’s all a little hectic. But good hectic.

In weight loss I joined weight watchers last week and then never went back…wow I’m lame. Ha! I’m having a hard to with this one, weight watchers is all about getting the most bang for your food points. Which means eating all diet foods. Meh…not the route I want to go. And the silly thing is that I KNEW that and that was why I quit in the first place! So I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Working out is what I really need to do, I have just never discovered a workout plan that I liked. Im thinking of checking out the brand new 24 hours fitness they just built behind my house. Maybe if they have TV’s in the machines I might be interested in going. Before I found the gym to be so boring, and the tvs were always set to news and sports! But if I could ave my own tv then I could even schedule gym time around my favorite shows (we don’t have cable anymore so we don’t get to watch any new tv) and maybe that would motivate me. I do really like tv.

My current job is a test in my patients every day, and I am counting down the days until we move and I can quit it and find something new. I have already made the decision that I will NOT be transferring. We are still up in the air about where exactly we want to move. I plan on doing a post on this at a later date, not that the masses really care.

Anyways I have some food and other things to do individual posts about today, this is just to catch people up on whats going on!

Buds Warehouse. Much like the RE-Store for you Bham folks

Piles of stuff to dig through

Wearing High heels and dress pants. We had just left a wedding.


3 Doors, a Bookcase and an easel. Maybe I shouldnt sell this car!


A Bit of Personal Promoting!

I have mentioned before the Mr. Gaunt and I have started a Pop-Art Painting business. We have an Etsy Website here:


And a facebook fan page where we show new updates, and will (very)soon have some promotions and giveaways!


We were recently accepted into the Smoky Hill High School Christmas Craft Fair on November 6th! If you are in the Colorado area you should come by and see us!

The main focus of our business is doing custom stencil portraits, but since we will be doing a craft show we wanted to have a smaller item that people could take home that day. So I hae spent the last few weeks making up a ton of stencil designs and painting up small (9″ x 12″) pop art! They come in tons of colors and are quite fun!