Were Back!

Two things that had left my life are now back! And I am happy to say that because of these two items I am down 3 lbs from saturday! Lets hope that brings me at least a 2lb loss at my weigh in this Saturday morning!


This is two eggs (but only one yolk per all of your great comments) on (what could be the best thing ever) an Oroweat Sandwich Thin! These are sooo delish! They almost taste like white bread, but they are packed full of goodness. They have been on the East Coast only for a while, but now they are on the west coast too! Go get some, you wont be sorry!

With Gillian in my head, how can I not workout?

With Jillian in my head, how can I not workout?

Also in my BL high I hit up the real gym last night! I had given this u after I got my Wii Fit, but have decide in order to kick my ass into high gear that I will be going every night to the gym!