Upload 0%

My Interet is having some crazy problems. All my speeds are good except my “upload speed” which is at 0% whatever that means. We bought a $100 router, only to return it after 3 days, it was not the problem. Finally after failed over-the-phone problem solving, Comcast will be out this afternoon, yay! So I have 2 picture-less blog posts waiting to be shared when it’s fixed.

In other news the following have been consumed (since the wedding):

-Pumpkin muffin

-Pumpkin Scone

-Pumpkin Bread

-Pumpkin Cake

-Pumpkin Ice Cream

-Pumpkin Soup

-Pumpkin Taffy

-Pumpkin Spice Latte

I kid you not folks!

Some call it an obsession, I cal it FALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Not So Connected

Tomorrow a wonderful creature will come to my house, and bestow upon me the ability to see the whole world and all its glorious beauty…


Comcast is coming to hook up my internet tomorrow.


my mom “borrows” internet from the bar downstairs, and it comes in and out depending on where you are sitting. It annoys the crap out of me. I can hardly blog, let alone upload and edit photos. Hence the lack of anything interesting on here. It also means I have been staying at her house the last two weeks instead of my own, as I have no furniture and no Internet: No Pandora, No Facebook, No Netflix, no nothin!

But after tomorrow all that will change, and I will probably attempt to stay over there more.

And despite the lack of posts, I have actually been really good at documenting my house re-model. I have taken lots of before and afters to show you later this week!

Painting is taking WAAAY longer (and way more paint) than I had thought, as we have plaster walls and they drink up the paint like its their job. Lame. But things are coming along well.

I miss Mr. Gaunt more than anything. I’m glad we had some time apart, but I would like him back now. And my stuff, and my cat. A few more weeks and they will all be here with me!

Oh and today I bought some Zig Zag fabric that my sister and I are gonna make pillow covers for! I got it at Fourth Corner Quilts, they have a waaaay better selection than JoAnns, and my fabric was 50% off!