Julie & Julia…

Words can not hardly express my love for this movie. It was everything I could have hoped for, it is everything I would like to be. The life of a twenty-something blogger trying to find herself through cooking and living and blogging. Struggling to be less selfish and emotional in her relationship with a man who may be too good for her. Finding passion and making success…le sigh…Bon Appetite!

I have decided to add two new sub categories to my blog, lets call them …er…Eatures (like a play on features and eating…corny?) The first will be a reason to support my obsessive healthy eating magazine habit. I will try to make a meal from a magazine at least once a week, a new meal that I have never made before! And I will write abut it and show lots of lovely pictures. The second is taken from Pasta Queen trying a new fruit or vegetable once a week that I have never tried before. This week its going to be Spaghetti Squash (also challenged to me by my WW leader) and will be made tonight!

Other than that watching Julie & Julia made me feel better about my love of grocery shopping. I love love love buying food and I was feeling guilty about it, but you know what? Thats OK! As long as i use it I can buy it! Now everyone run to the theater and see this movie!

and the best line: “You are the butter to my bread, the breath to my life’


Another Goal Met!

yay-773135.jpgWell its July 20th! If you look at my goals today I had hoped to loose 27lbs, so even though I’m getting ready to leave tonight for Washington I made a quick trip up to Westminster for my meeting and weigh in….the results….?

27.8 lbs lost!!!!!!!!

Woo hoo Woo hoo! (=

So pleased with myself and now I’m going to have a GREAT vacation!

And if you need some motivation while I’m gone Im not a fan of Miss. Cirus but this song always motivates me in my weight loss. And Ill be back in a week with pictures galore!