The Yuck, The Wedding, and The Move

I feel extra yucky today.

I read a magazine in the car today (for like 5 minutes) and now I have a headache and nausea….car reading is the DEVIL!

We went to the bridal fair today. It was fun, we had some samples and got some free stuff, along with a TON of crap we don’t want. The samples gave me a weird heartburn…ugg.

I also wore High heels, which are actually pretty comfortable, but I wore them grocery shopping afterward and now I have a blister on my pinky.

I feel extra fat these days. none of my pants really fit, so I’m wearing leggings way too often.

Sounds like our car sold today, officially a car-less person. This makes me nervous for the future.

In slightly better news, I made all of our SAVE THE DATES last night. I’m also 99% done collecting people address’ for the wedding, which is good. I need to call my grandma to get a few more. Hoping to send them out in the next month.

I also am in need of Grey A1 Envelopes to mail the Save The Dates, as I think a quality colored envelope is extra special. Mr. Gaunt even figured out how to print all the address’ directly on the envelopes, which will save us a lot of time and look nicer. My handwriting is only good for about 20 envelopes, not 70.

I applied for a job today, one that I’m not really qualified for, but would love to have. I mean as far as corporate jobs go. What I really want is to work for myself, not someone else, but it may be a few years. Gotta get Mr. Gaunt through school. I still have two seasonal back-ups.

It sounds like the house we wanted to rent is a done deal. This is a pretty big stress reliever. Its going to be fun fixing it up and growing a garden and all that good stuff. I’m very much looking forward to having my brother help me plant some stuff and pour a slab for a patio.

I booked my plane ticket home! March 14th at 10am I am officially BACK IN WASHINGTON! So pleasing, no going back now.

We found out Jenny and Justin are having a GIRL! I’m so excited for this! We are gonna have Liam pull her down the aisle in a little flower covered wagon….adorable I know. Makes me super sad that we wont be here for her birth.  Liam wants to name her Firetruck Sue…I know, its perfect.

Our neighbor always locks her Kitten out in the hall, so we took it in for the afternoon. It pretty much assures me that I DO NOT need a kitten. Hula is all the cat that I require. A dog on the other hand could be fun.

It sounds like my little sister wants to be my workout buddy when I move! I’m super stoked to get gym memberships with her and start getting in shape! I’m just so much looking forward to bonding with my family again.

Well that’s about it, sorry to ramble, but it helped make some of the Yuck go away. Asparagus for dinner tonight!

I leave you with some pics from this weekend:

Liam and Mr. Gaunt discussing his new baby sister

Liam reading the photo book we made him (more on this later)

Sneak Peak at our Save The Dates. DIY HOW-TO later

On our way to the Wedding Show

He only went because it was at Invesco