Halloween Front Door 2012

Our Halloween decorations aren’t that much different from last years. Mr. Gaunt put up his silly video game related tombstones (that only he finds hilarious) and the cobwebs, and skeleton are both back. I did however get all sorts of crafty and made our front door one big spiderweb with masking tape! Seriously folks, if you have a dark colored door, and 79 cents to buy 1 inch masking tape, your front door can also be this cute.

We have a pretty awesome cardboard coffin and fog machine that we will bring out for trick-o-treaters. Speaking of, we should probably stock up on candy from Costco before it’s all sold out!  Mr. Gaunt has selected his Halloween movies that he will watch 13 day up to Halloween, and we are making costume plans! I’m going to be a witch, and he is going to be the Notorious BIG….seriously. Pumpkin carving will happen this week! YAY FOR FALL!

Mothers Day 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

It seems everyone I know is pregnant right now, which is not true, I really only know like 5 pregnant people right now, but still, it’s a lot of moms-to-be! Also three of the bloggers I read daily are also pregnant, so I think it’s just in the air.

We had such a lovely mothers day this year! It was actually the first time Mr. Gaunt and I hosted a dinner that wasn’t just my mom and siblings. My grandparents came up for the afternoon too, which was really cool. My grandparents are really awesome people with lots of really great skills. They can cook better than anyone I know (my grandpa is a professional BBQ and they owned restaurants for years) so getting the opportunity to make a meal for them was kind of exciting. The house and yard also look really awesome right now (if I do say so myself) and with prefect weather and a perfect cat, the day was splendid! I felt like such a grown up. I can’t wait until we have kids and can have birthday parties and other fun holiday celebrations at our house.

Mr. Gaunt did all the grilling today, while mom and I made salad, potato salad, asparagus, sangria, chocolate cover strawberries, and garlic bread. Yum. We really know how to eat.

This first photo is really awesome. It’s me and my mom and my grandma, I think it’s the only three generation photo I have, all we need now is a baby (I know I’m starting to sound baby crazy!). We all look so similar, and blonde…lol!

Mr. Gaunt cooked his first Salmon, and we also did steak kabobs and Asparagus on the grill.

My mom bought me that cute cherry tablecloth at a thrift store in Portland, and today she made a quick stop at Kmart where they had flat sheets on clearance for $5, so that’s what that green one is. Who knew a flat twin sheet fit a 6′ card table so well?

My Fur Baby was extra sweet all day too!

Tomorrow its back to work. My back is a bit sore tonight from cleaning, gardening, moving the lawns and cooking all day. Lordy. It’s also back to the gym this week. We took all of last week off from the gym and worked out outside in the nice weather.  This coming week is supposed to be pretty darn nice too, but we paid for the membership so we rally should use it. It’s just so much nicer, and we work out so much longer outside. Oh well. I’m a little sun burnt too.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL, especially my awesome mom.

Happy Holidays!

I had to pop in and wish everyone Happy Holidays (we are PC over a here) and to show everyone our adorable Christmas card we sent this year. Mr. Gaunt drew it, and I edited it and put it together in Photoshop. Its pretty much precious!

I feel like this break has been REALLY good for me! I feel rejuvenated and ready to blog again. I have lots of new ideas, and the motivation to keep up with the same old goals. The new year is fast approaching, and Mr. Gaunt and I are getting a head start. For Christmas we bought each of us a 3 month membership to the gym. Today will be day 4 of going together. We are also both in major weight loss mode, both having gained like 20 pounds since the wedding…sheesh! But it’s cool, we have a wedding in the beginning of March (I’m the MOH) that we both need to be lookin’ fit and trim for! Despite the fact that I have to make Almond Roca and Thumbprint cookies tomorrow, I will not let it throw me off track. I AM WEIGHT LOSS WOMEN, HEAR ME ROAR!

So I hope everyone else is doing well. Regular blogging will return so very soon! Is everyone thinking of their New Years Resolutions? Do share! I need inspiration!


I got my wedding pictures back (OMG it took 10 weeks!) and you will get the first look at them in January! Here’s a sneak peak…


Ending the Year Quietly.

I’m going to take a break from this blog. Not a forever break, but at least until the end of the year.

Mr. Gaunt and I have started our own Event Clean up, Set up and Coordination company that we are really trying to focus our energy on. Our company is called TIED BOW and you can see our Wedding Inspiration blog here. We have a big wedding convention January 8th that we are getting ready for.

W are also continuing to do our custom portrait paintings that you can check out here. There’s still time to order for Christmas!

This year has been such a whirlwind of change, that I just need a breather. I of course love this blog so much, but I just don’t have the energy to share like I use to. I’m hoping the new year will bring me new job opportunities that allow me to spend more time doing the things I love…like blogging.

I hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving! I know we did!


Mr. & Mrs. Gaunt

Halloween in a Nut Shell

Halloween was pretty fun this year, although very low key.

Mr. Gaunt and I dressed up as Patti Mayonnaise and Doug Funnie. If you don’t know who these people are, then you are either too young, or we can’t be friends. (:

Although we only went to my moms bar for a little while in costume. The best costume by far though was the one I threw together last-minute for my mom. She was Lion Tamer complete with a Lion jumping through a flaming hoop and whip! Awesome.

On actual Halloween my mom and Tank came over and she made Clam Chowder. Mr. Gaunt dressed up as Quail Man (Doug’s Superhero Alter-ego) and I wore Butterfly Wings…lol. We borrowed my moms Fog Machine and had spooky tunes on the porch, good times.

At around 10pm we went downtown and watched the famous Bellingham Thriller Dance “Thrillingham”

Last is a picture from our work Halloween. We dressed up like we were going to a funeral.

Halloween is for SISTERS!

My sister Taylor and I had a little Nail painting party last night while watching Halloween Town, AND Halloween Town 2! Mr. Gaunt ordered them for us on Amazon. To say Taylor and I are Lovers of Disney Channel Movies (note, much different from actual Disney Movies) is an understatement. Were obsessed.

Taylor bought OPI’s “Spookettes” Halloween collection and we painted some pretty awesome Spooky Nails! (The Green Glows in the Dark). Such a good time.