Hello Weekend!


I have LOTS of fun things planned for this weekend. NONE of which involve talking or thinking about work…grr. My Friday the thirteenth ended badly with some major time clock issues that are STILL unresolved…grr! But it is officially the weekend and Im going to forget about all of that until Monday!

Mr. Gaunt took a little weekend trip to New Mexico to visit a friend so I am a single gal for a few days! My lovely Pro is coming over tonight and we are gonna use this sweet coupon and check out some coats at the Old Navy. Last night Mr. Gaunt and I went through our clothes (yes AGAIN) to see what fit and what doesnt. He got rid of at least three pairs of pants (44’s he’s now down to a 38/40) and me a TON of shirts and capris and tanks that are long gone. I must say as exciting as shrinking out of all of your clothing is, its also expensive and frustrating. Especially if your losing quickly like I have and your in a  new size every 2 months. Anyways I still have about 4 cute dresses that I am not willing to part with, last night I emailed a local Tailor on pricing to have dresses taken in. Ill let you know what they say when I hear back. If it’s under $25 per dress then I may do it, over that and I may just toss and buy new.

Tomorrow Pro and I and Mr. Gaunt’s mom are going to the Highlands Ranch community garage sale (WHAT WHAT! I LOVE A GARAGE SALE!) and then Pro and I are having a late lunch in Boulder with an old friend. Should be a good time!

Health wise Im feeling pretty damn lucky that the flu and colds have skipped us! KNOCKS ON WOOD! I do however have a slight post nasal drip that seems to be causing my right ear to be in a constant state of plugged. No amount of popping, Q-tip-ing or wiggling seems to release the air. I can hear myself breathing in my ear. SUPER OBNOXIOUS! Anyone have any tips on getting rid of this?

Ok so Im off to do a bit of laundry before Pro gets here and then my weekend shall start! Im sure Ill have pics by Sunday! Oh and weight loss wise the week has been a bit slow, I wont cry if I dont lose anything on Monday the last two weeks were stellar and I really couldnt ask for more.