Why Costco Pizza makes me hate my job.

Here is a little story from today.

First let me add this little tidbit that isn’t really related, but is kinda a lot related:

At my job we get health insurance. Every year they offer this “Health Assessment discount” of $25 per month if you fill out this little healthy living survey. Well this year they are taking it a step further and actually requiring you to have a REAL health assessment.  They will test your blood pressure and glucose and all that stuff. PLUS for men you must have a waist line smaller than 40″ and for women I think its 35″. Here is the kicker. They are going to give everyone 6 months to “fix” any health issues, and if you don’t (or can’t) fix it in 6 months you not only lose your $25 discount, but you have to pay back the last 6 months of discount you received. Awesome huh.

So on to todays story.

About a month ago, due to some major sales we had on Black Friday, corporate gave our team (and all stores) a large chunk of “fun money” to use over the holidays in whatever way we want. Lots of teams took this money to add-on to their Xmas parties, but we had already paid for ours so we didn’t do that. Wanna know what management decided to do with it????

Wait for it….


Isnt that fantastic!

I’m talking donuts twice a week.

I’m talking breakfast burritos

And today…dun dun dun…they ordered COSTCO PIZZA for the team.

I understand some people might think this is just fantastic, me….not so much. In fact its been darn right HELLISH. See it’s not like they buy donuts and throw em in the break room for people to grab as they please, nope. They wait until we have mandatory staff meetings to throw them down in the middle of the table, so you are stuck there sitting in front a 3 or 4 boxes of donuts. And you get to spend 45 minutes watching everyone eat one…or two…or three. Oh don’t worry, they provide milk to wash em down too.

Yeah lovely.

So I give myself MAD PROPS for managing to turn down 4 donut days and 1 breakfast burrito day.

Today however was Pizza day. I had already made the decision to NOT eat pizza, but for shits and giggles I decided to look up the nutritional information…are yah ready:

This is the nutritional information for ONE, I repeat ONE slice of Costco Cheese Pizza. You can actually find all of their food court info here. Prior to having this information, Mr. Gaunt and I guessed what a slice would be…400 calories? 500 max! Umm…we were a bit off. Incase you need me to HIGHLIGHT some of that…notice that there is 102% of your daily Saturated fat needs…umm…I wasnt aware we NEEDED any saturated fat.

So Mr. Gaunt and I, and our friend Drew sat in our car on break and discussed. Both boys REALLY wanted pizza, they had both planned to eat a least 1 slice. With the new information they had, both were feeling very conflicted. In the end we all talked about the pros and cons of eating it, and I told them this:


And that was that. We all agreed to be strong and to say NO! Not only is it not right to eat that, we don’t even think it should be right to sell that stuff to people! Outrageous! We also decided it was important to print out the nutritional info and post it in the break room next to the pizza so that others could be informed too. This was not to make people feel bad, it was to give them the knowledge to make the best choice for them.

Well, in the end everyone read it, and no one gave a shit. There were very overweight people who consumed upwards of FIVE slices. Oh did you need me to do the math for yah?

That is over FOUR THOUSAND Calories in like 20 minutes!

And the worst part was, after they were all putting themselves into a fatty-coma, they came and bugged the three of us about why we didn’t eat pizza, OVER AND OVER! It was non stop jokes and harassment all afternoon.

And this my friends is just another reason why I need to quit this job.

Which all ties back to that little health assessment. Seems to me that feeding your employees thousands of calories in GARBAGE is not a great way to get them healthy, or maybe that’s the point?

I’m just glad that I am choosing to NOT live in ignorant bliss. And I’m glad to have partner in life that supports that too.