Halloween Front Door 2012

Our Halloween decorations aren’t that much different from last years. Mr. Gaunt put up his silly video game related tombstones (that only he finds hilarious) and the cobwebs, and skeleton are both back. I did however get all sorts of crafty and made our front door one big spiderweb with masking tape! Seriously folks, if you have a dark colored door, and 79 cents to buy 1 inch masking tape, your front door can also be this cute.

We have a pretty awesome cardboard coffin and fog machine that we will bring out for trick-o-treaters. Speaking of, we should probably stock up on candy from Costco before it’s all sold out!  Mr. Gaunt has selected his Halloween movies that he will watch 13 day up to Halloween, and we are making costume plans! I’m going to be a witch, and he is going to be the Notorious BIG….seriously. Pumpkin carving will happen this week! YAY FOR FALL!