Goldilocks and The Three Pants

I was sick of all my pants not fitting so I went a couple of weeks ago to find some new ones. My mom suggested Levi 512 so we went to Sears to find some. Sears’ website said they carried Levis, however when we got to the store they told us they only sold them online…lame-o. While at Sears I noticed they have a whole line of Lands End clothing, which is super cute! So I tried on their Jeans. I actually finally sucked it up and tried on a size bigger than I had been wearing, thinking they would just be more comfortable…

So I tried the size down…

At this point I tried on a few others and had the same results. Too small or too big. nothing fit! Plus they were all like $50, and I’m sorry I don’t spend $50 on ill-fitting jeans. So I went to Old Navy to find CHEAP Ill fitting Jeans…success! $9!

These jeans were on clearance, and are by no means prefect. They are a bit too flared for me, and they give me horrible Bucket Butt (where it gaps really bad in the lower back area). But the (front) waist fit, and they were dark enough to hide the unflatteringly tight-ish thigh area. Gag. Oh well. They are actually very comfortable so they will work.

Mr. Gaunt and I have kind of let ourselves eat whatever we want this past month, and I am refusing to step on the scale until after we move. I needed a break from the weight loss obsession.  We have made a pact though to each loose 10 pounds in the month we are away from each other. I’m seeing a strict Water, Veggies, Lean Protein and Brown rice in my future. Plus I found a great deal on a gym in Wa that I’m going to join on day 1!  I can feel how unhappy my body is with all the eating out and snacking I have been doing. I am so very much looking forward to getting back in gear and cleansing all this toxic crap out! Wish me luck!


To Resist

It’s VERY hard to convince myself that I do not get to eat 800 cheeseburgers after working a 60 hour week and a 12 hour day.  It is IMPOSSIBLE to make myself do the Wii Fit at all.

Although I was thinking today after coming home from job #1 with only a few hours till Job #2, that working out is for people who do not spend their ENTIRE day being physically active. I’m talking moving 200+ boxes of blinds out of 3 bays and into 3 different bays. Going up and down ladders. Standing up, kneeling down….repeat 500 times. Walking back and forth over a huge warehouse. Spending 4 hours straight putting away Vases, wineglasses, christmas decorations, huge stacks of plates. That was today.

I wish I had one of those Body Bug things they wear on Biggest Loser so I could see on average how many calories I’m burning at my jobs. Lets hope with my reduced calorie eating that the weight starts coming off. I’m down about 5 pounds this week. 10 more and I’ll be back to my lowest weight! Fingers crossed I can do it by January 1st!

Good Move Captain

I may have made a few wrong turns today (pumpkin bread) but I’m ending the evening doing some RIGHT moves!

I went and got a few things I needed at the store:

-Fat Free Yogurt. Of the holiday variety, maybe the Pumpkin flavor will curb my need to get Pumpkin Bread at Starbucks

-Frozen Asian Veggies. They say frozen is almost as nutritious as fresh, so don’t rule it out…its SO much easier, and they don’t spoil

-Bananas. We like to split a banana in the morning on our cereal.

-Tangerines! Yay I love winter because you can get big boxes of Tangerines everywhere! I could eat 4 or 5 of these a day.

-Green Tea. Which I’m going to make tomorrow and keep cold in the fridge as my go to drink.

-Cliff Bars, Luna Bars, Power Bars. Without a “bar snack” mid afternoon, bad things happen…note: Pumpkin Bread. Its important to mix it up too, otherwise you get bored.

Then I cleaned my kitchen and did all the dishes! A clean house makes me happy and a messy house makes me mad, therefore I should put a little extra effort into making myself happy.

We mailed out a painting going to Kentucky…what fun! And I’m painting the first coat on a painting we will deliver on Thursday.

I made Quinoa, Chicken, and Asian Veggie stir fry in bulk for lunches for the week. I really need to get back into cooking lunches at the beginning of the week, it makes for much less stressful mornings. I also havent used my Quinoa is WAY too long. It’s almost like I need a little refresher in all the things I taught myself about healthy eating.

Mr. Gaunt and I are in talks of doing Gym Memberships for Christmas. We check out TONS of music at the library,a nd we are thinking we could do books on tape. Together we can motivate each other.

I also got a new issue of Clean Eating Magazine in the mail. I HATE getting the mail, but its more fun when I get magazines. Im excited to try some new recipes.

Its been a good evening. Even when I felt like I might freak out, I told myself to calm down and not cry and just get my act together, and do the things we need to do. It makes the evening so much more pleasant when you feel accomplished.

Night All!


I made a new Light Box! See…

Now I can post pretty food pictures again like my stir fry!

Alright, Times up.


-Over sized Meals

-Desserts, after desserts, after desserts.

-Fast food snacks

-Work Potlucks

-Work meeting donuts

-Work Team Birthday Cakes

-Cream, Cheese, Meat, Bread


-Meals of mostly vegetables

-High Protein and Fiber, Low carb Breakfast

-Fruit for snacking

-Low meat, low dairy


With Thanksgiving done and Mr. Gaunt’s Birthday finalizing tomorrow. I am OFF the Holiday Eating Wagon and onto the IM A BRIDE IN 10 MONTHS! So it’s on like Donkey Kong! I’ve got about 5 pounds to lose before the New Year, and then Id like to lose another 20 pounds by the time we move, March 11th for me.

I’m still on the fence about the gym. Id really like to go back. I’ve been battling a bit of depression lately, and I know that exercise gives you “happy” endorphins. So I’m feeling like I may need to do it for my weight loss as well as my mental health. I just need to figure out where I can shave $30 out of the current budget for it. Its something Mr. Gaunt and I need to make a priority. And then of course I need to use it, actually go to the gym regularly.

But eating healthy and getting into shape will be my focus. I know there is still Christmas, which brings (yet another) Work Christmas Party AND Work Dessert Party. But you know what, I’ve got bigger things to focus on. One Christmas, or feeling better about myself…hmm…I pick me. Might seem selfish, but it’s what I want to do.

If anyone else out there IN THE WORLD is also making some holiday weight loss plans Id love to hear about them! Sometimes I feel a bit alone in my struggles. Besides Mr. Gaunt, I really don’t have anyone to hold me accountable, its tough. Lately I just havent felt so good about myself, and I don’t like that feeling. I did a really good thing for myself and felt pretty good for a while, but its time to move forward, its time to keep putting along and always working towards a better me.



No Rest For The Weary

Evil doings…lol…When did I get so busy?

Seriously, for a girl with little friends and a pretty sweet work schedule, I’m shocked by how little time I have these days.  The weekend was devoured before I even tasted it. And now I’m sitting here running through my huge list of to-do’s trying to decided what will be pushed till later, and when later might be.

Our painting business it really thriving! I’m so stinking happy about this. We sold our 4th custom order this morning and have one more ready to purchase either today or tomorrow. I’m loving it, doing art is so much more motivating when people actually want to buy it! Now I can only hope that things will keep putting along and that one day we can be making a portion of our income off it. For now the money will sit in our Paypal for moving and wedding costs.

We are doing our first craft fair on Saturday November 6th at Smoky Hill High School, and I’ve been making lots of mini paintings to sell as well as lots of examples of our custom work. Because it’s an indoor show we needed to build walls to display our canvas, so yesterday Mr. Gaunt and I went to Buds Warehouse which is a discount recycled building materials store. We bought 3 hollow core doors for $30! Now we have to paint them and hinge them together to make an accordion style wall for display. I also need to order some marketing materials from Moo Cards this week. So it’s all a little hectic. But good hectic.

In weight loss I joined weight watchers last week and then never went back…wow I’m lame. Ha! I’m having a hard to with this one, weight watchers is all about getting the most bang for your food points. Which means eating all diet foods. Meh…not the route I want to go. And the silly thing is that I KNEW that and that was why I quit in the first place! So I don’t know what I’m gonna do now. Working out is what I really need to do, I have just never discovered a workout plan that I liked. Im thinking of checking out the brand new 24 hours fitness they just built behind my house. Maybe if they have TV’s in the machines I might be interested in going. Before I found the gym to be so boring, and the tvs were always set to news and sports! But if I could ave my own tv then I could even schedule gym time around my favorite shows (we don’t have cable anymore so we don’t get to watch any new tv) and maybe that would motivate me. I do really like tv.

My current job is a test in my patients every day, and I am counting down the days until we move and I can quit it and find something new. I have already made the decision that I will NOT be transferring. We are still up in the air about where exactly we want to move. I plan on doing a post on this at a later date, not that the masses really care.

Anyways I have some food and other things to do individual posts about today, this is just to catch people up on whats going on!

Buds Warehouse. Much like the RE-Store for you Bham folks

Piles of stuff to dig through

Wearing High heels and dress pants. We had just left a wedding.


3 Doors, a Bookcase and an easel. Maybe I shouldnt sell this car!


Happy Saturday!

I went to the gym this morning (GO ME!) even when I pulled in the parking lot and saw that it was FULL and people were parking on the side of the road. First thing I thought was “fuck it, I’ll just go home” but I found a spot and parked my car and went inside. There was a little note on the desk that read “OPEN SATURDAY – BRING YOUR KIDS OR A FRIEND FOR FREE!” Oh shit. Yeah so there were small children running everywhere! All the good elliptical machines with the arms were taken so I had to use the ones without the arms, my arms were bored. I did my workout and felt good afterwards. I swear I’m trying people.

In other fun and exciting news Mr. Gaunt and I will be going to Washington for TEN DAYS in July! Yay! We will be staying the weekend of the 4th in a cabin on Harstine Island with my family…sooo excited! Then we get to spend some time in Olympia and then up to Bellingham for the rest of the week. I always get so excited to go home, and I havent been since July for Manda’s wedding (when I had only lost 27lbs) and I hate to go a whole year without seeing my mom! I actually think I might take a long weekend and fly out there in the next month or two. Anyways I’m REALLY hoping that I am wearing a size 9/10 and at goal weight by July. I have plans to see my extended family (grandma, aunts, cousins) who havent seen me in a LONG time and it would be great to be looking good.

I also have another fun thing planned for that trip. I have made an appointment to have my friend Jen Martin take professional photos of Mr. Gaunt and I while we are in Bellingham!  Im sooo excited! Jen is an amazing photographer (and person) and I have always wanted to have her take my picture but never really had a reason to. Now I feel like I want a nice picture to capture Mr. Gaunt and I looking our best! Its gonna be great, here’s a taste of some of her work: