A Wedding Shoe match Made in Heaven

You know, maybe if I was a Kardashian, finding the perfect wedding shoes wouldn’t have been so challenging. Alas I am not a Kardashian (don’t look so surprised) and I just can not pull off stripper heels and still keep it classy. Oh don’t act like you don’t realize EVERY high heel on the market right now is just one acrylic light up sole away from these bad boys…



Even stores like Target and H&M were selling only TOWERING spiked Bordello heels. Now don’t get me wrong, maybe if I was 5’4″ and weighed 125 pounds these would be great for me. I’m 5’7″ and just a hair over 125…or 150…0r…never mind. So these were OUT! Here’s what I was looking for:

-3″ or Taller

-Thicker heel for walking in grass for photos AND for walking down a flight of stairs (that comes before the aisle).

-Grey or Mustard (although I already bought mustard flats for the reception) or Maybe peach/pink if I got desperate.

-Something unique? Special? Bridal?

-More vintage/elegant than sex kitten.

-COMFORTABLE (but in a high-heel realistic sort of way…not a Dansko sort of way)

-No peep, no straps (that makes sausage toes squeezing out of them within 20 minutes)

I looked online a LOT, but in the end couldn’t decide on any that I LOVED. Then I found a really sweet pink pair at Mi Shoes but the 10 was too big and the 9 was too small and the company didn’t do 1/2 sizes. So I passed on these…

Then I finally went shoe shopping with my Maid Of Honor Mallory last weekend. We ended up going to Nordstrom Rack (greatest place on earth to find shoes, especially if you are an odd size like Mr. Gaunt who wears a FOURTEEN! We got his wedding shoes there too!) and there amongst the messes of hooker heels and straps and peeps was $49.99 worth of PURE WEDDING SHOE LOVE…

Can you believe that! They are grey suede leather with a hairline pink/peach stripe all around them and a big fat 3 3/4″cork-like heel! Amazing! I just can’t get over my love for them! They are Seychelles brand (sense of humor…cute), which I have never heard of, but I like what they got going on!  No matter, I’m in love and I cant freaking wait to STRUT down the aisle in these!

Oh and um…can I get a bridesmaid to buy these…sooo cute!