Planting the Succulents

One of the wedding decor things I blogged about early on, I actually followed through on! I know, shocking! I knew right from the start the Milk Glass + Succulents = AWESOME CENTERPIECES. Over the last year my mom and I (with help from Mr. Gaunt’s mom too) collected about 35 pieces of milk glass. Most of them came from thrift stores or garage sales, and a few people owned and gave to me. They are a wide range of shapes and sizes, which I love.

When we moved up here we slowly began planting succulents in large and small pots around the house. I was shocked how quickly they began to breed! Crazy baby succulents popped up all around the big ones. Also a few weeks ago my grandma gave me a GIANT pot of succulents she had grown, so we had a ton.

This past weekend my mom and one of my bridesmaids Rita came over and we transplanted succulents into all the Milk Glass. To do this, you just sort of use a butter knife to pull them gently apart (they have very little roots) and then planted them in potting soil. We mixed different styles of succulents and the little vines together to get a cute terrarium look.  We did this early on in hopes that they will settle a bit and maybe even fill in/breed more before the wedding. I could not be happier with how stinkin cute they are!


Love Paper. Hate Printers

The “feeder” on my printer broke tonight which means if I cant figure out how to fix it I will be hand addressing 70 Save The Dates this weekend….LAME-O! But it only makes sense as I JUST put new ink into it (see bottom of this post)

In other news I have a basic theme I’m going off of for our “paper-goods” for the wedding, but the world of beautiful invitation is overwhelming! How can I pick just one style?

Wanna Drool….go here to Oh So Beautiful Paper and look through the invites!

Id also like to note that for the last 4 years I have been so sad over the lack of a Paper Zone in Colorado, until today when we found (from a friends recommendation) Donahue Paper Emporium, which is a HUGE Paper Zone like store! Gah I’m sad it took me until I only have 41 days left here to discover it!

However we did find Save The Date envelopes! I was looking for a Grey or mustard (no such luck except metallic which I didn’t want) but I did find AWESOME envelopes made from 100% recycled grocery bags! They weren’t even expensive! woop! They don’t have a website, but you can buy Greengrocer Brown Bag Envelopes here.

I still have about 6 months until I need to figure out the actual invites, which is cool, mama can help me.

Oh and I hate printers….this is funny…(anyone who wants to buy me the poster of this is more than welcome to…it will be framed and hung in my living room…promise):

Why I Believe Printers Were Sent From Hell: