Date Night

In all efforts Mr. Gaunt and I try to stay in love as much as possible. Dont get me wrong, there are days when we hate each others guts, but for the most part we try to live in love. Because I’m a floozy and I move in with boyfriends very quickly, Mr. Gaunt and I really never “dated” perse. I mean we would meet for lunch, and go out drinking with friends, but there was very little courting. He didn’t pick me up at my house and take me out to dinner or movies or anything like that. Most of the time I could care less about those kinds of things, but every now and then I think how much I would like to go on dates.

Mr. Gaunt is on an endless path to show me how much our relationship means to me (yes ladies be jealous…lol!) For real I often feel like he works 10x harder than I do, but I know that isn’t really true. We each have our own unique way of showing we care and putting effort in the relationship. For me its making good food and taking pictures of our family and all the little creative inspiration that keeps us entertained. I feel good about what I put into it too.

Anyway last Friday Mr. Gaunt decided we were going to go a date! Yipee! Originally he had planned for us to take Tango dancing lessons, but I sort of vetoed, Id rather do ballroom or salsa, tango seems too Adams Family. So instead we decided to do dinner and a walk through the park in Denver. We went to Pete’s Greek Restaurant, because I LOVE Greek food and Mr. Gaunt and I had never really been to real Greek food together. It was amazing, of course:

After that we went to City Park and watched the sun set and the fountains light up. We had wanted to go to the Botanical Gardens, but they were hosting some event that evening. The cutest part of the evening though was when we got to watch this guy propose to his girlfriend. I made a video, but I dont know how to upload it (MR. GAUNT HELP!) it was so stinking cute I cried…lol! Best date night EVER!

He was waiting forever for her to arrive.


Greek Fest

Ugg, I am back up 5 pounds. Not that 5 pounds is that much because I could lose and gain 5 pounds in a weekend. None the less its kind of lame. I did however quit smoking (a post to come later) so I’m blaming that…lol! Mr. Gaunt and I have decided to count Weight Watchers points for the next 10 days just so I can get back down about 10 pounds for Washington. Counting points is really just a simple way of doing portion control, easier than counting calories. So we will see.

This weekend is our friend Jenny’s birthday celebration so I need to think about food and a gift. Must not over do it! Must stay on track! I don’t have any crazy idea that I will be really skinny when I go to Washington, but all my clothes fit perfect when I’m down about 8 pounds, so no overkill this weekend. As for gifts, I think I need to get crafty!

In Fatter news we went to the Greek Fest and ate a whole ton of shit!  Ha! I love Love Love Greek food (as well as My Big Fat Greek Wedding! Why don’t I own this?) it was all sorts of amazing.

Mr. Gaunt and Ms. G

Strong Man

It was busted

Greek Calamari...meh...only ok.

Greek Salad, my favorite.

I would eat Gyros for every meal if I could