Missed Days

Yesterday was Weigh in Day.

I woke up feeling really good about it, like I had definitely lost weight. I had been so good at staying on track.

Our scale broke earlier this week, so we jogged to my moms.

my allergies went insane and my eyes, nose, ears, EVERYTHING was watering awful.

My moms scale said we had both gained 3 pounds.

Obviously broken, or our scale has been broken for months, either way I’m not buying it.

I had a breakdown, mostly because I’m tired and I miss life.

I slept until 11 today, which I knew I would. I really wanted to sleep as much as I could. I go back to work at 2. That gives me about 2 hours to do stuff. luckily I get off at 10pm instead of 1am so we can go out after I get off. Then tomorrow I’m waking up SUPER early and we are going to have an adventure or something.

Oh and we are getting married in 90 DAYS! I can’t believe we have been engaged for almost a whole year (July 10th). What a crazy crazy year. We gotta get more stuff done! The Paper Zone is having a sale this weekend so we need to get our paper for the invitations! I feel like there are many To Do Lists in my future!

Last but not least

GO GO GO NEW YORK!!!!! I think it’s about time I take Mr. Gaunt to see this awesome state!