Look What Was Left On My Doors Step…

Ok I don’t really have a door step, more just a hallway. Needless to say when I got home from work this was waiting for me.. I was actually nervous on my way home thinking about if I would be pleased with my purchase. In case you didn’t know I have a huge hatred for excess packaging. I think it stems from my mom refusing to buy us Squeeze-it Fruit drinks because they were garbage individually packaged in a plastic bottled wrapped in a cardboard surround and then shrink-wrapped together. I can hear her saying it now “It’s just a ridiculous amount of packaging!” ha! I’m not even that environmentally conscious, this is more about space. I dont want to fill up half may garbage can 5 seconds after I put in a new bag. It’s obnoxious and insulting. I dont want your damn packages! I have even gone to using re-usable grocery bags because I was sick of the giant bag of bags under my sink.

What was I talking about? Oh yeah my worry that my Door to Door Organics box would be filled with excess packaging. Have you purchased apples at Costco recently? They are wrapped in a ridiculous amount of hard plastic…WTF?! Anyway I was VERY pleased when I opened my box and found only one of those cardboard fruit trays, and that’s it! Also DTDO has a great recycling program, this is taken directly from their website:

“Every box, bag, ice pack, piece of paper, and most other non-edibles that we send you will be picked up from your house at your next scheduled delivery. Firstly, we will reuse any items that have certain qualities, like our cardboard boxes. There are also items like the large plastic bags that cannot be reused for health reasons, and we actually us Eco-Cycle to pick these up and have them turned into durable decking.”

How rad is that! I love this company more and more! Ok onto the goods I got this week. As a reminder I spent $22 this week on this box (remember its Organic which is slightly more expensive). Now I have yet to do an actual price comparison (which I do think I will do) but the convenience and variety and quality of this product really seem worth it.

In case you were wondering (I was) the veggies were all crisp and fresh looking (the carrots still had dirt on them…love that!) and the ripeness of the fruit (I was also wondering this) is about two days away. Although it would have been nice to bite into a kiwi, I’m glad that they wont rot tomorrow. Also it gives me a day or two to decide what to do with them. Overall I’m very pleased with this all so far.

Fruit and the Flu (but not together)

One nice thing about working at Costco is I get to see all the yummy food go by that I need to buy! I get a free membership for working there and I was in DIRE need of fruit. I had been working all closing shifts so I never had time to buy anything so yesterday Mr. Gaunt and I went in before I worked to get a few things, like fruit which I can not live without. I eat it all day long, in my cereal, as snack, as desert too. I cut it up and make fruit salads, I send it with Mr. Gaunt in his lunch, we eat a ton of fruit! And Costco has great prices on bulk fruit, the only thing I didn’t get was the cantaloupe because they only come in a three pack and I just don’t think I can eat that much, but I did get…




Today I have the day off and Im suppose to go up to Westminster to my meeting to weigh in at nine. First off I have some sort of awful stomach bug (the kind where you stomach rumbles all day long and your chuging Pepto) and it sucks because the thought of eating makes me want to yak! I also am mid-period so I just can imagine weigh in going very well, things are all wonky inside. But even if I only lose .8lbs that will hit my 40lbs lost which is cool with me. I just want this bug to GET OUT OF ME! I hate being sick…grrr.

Dinner and a Movie- Weight Watchers Style!

Mr. Gaunt and a friend went to see District 9 tonight so I’m at home for a single gals night and whats better than dinner and a movie!


On tonights menu we have Seasoned Tilapia with lemmon, Quinoa and sauteed Yellow Squash and Zuzhini. The whole meal took almost exactly ten minutes, now thats my kind of meal, as well as minimal cleanup. In weight watchers speak the meal is:

Tilapia – 2 points

Quiona – 2 Points (for 1/2 cup)

Yellow Squash – 0 Points (yup you read that right for 1 cup)

Zucchini – 0 Points (for 1 cup)

Olive Oil – 4 Points for 4tsp)

TOTAL: 8 points! The perfect meal!

And as for the movie, Im on the last few discs of True Blood season one, and its so so trashy good. Its like twilight plus sex, violence and drugs…whats not to love! Check it out if you do Netflix or have HBO.


Meeting Topic: Adding Fruits and Veggies


In meeting tonight we talked about how July is Fruits and Veggies month. We were all given the goal of adding 3 fruits or vegetables to every meal, and having 5 servings daily. I do pretty well eating the fruit. I definitely eat at least two if not three servings of fruit every day. Mornings start off with FF Plain Vanilla Yogurt mixed with Quaker Oatmeal Squares Cereal and cut up strawberries and blueberries.  I then will often have a snack of banana, peach or more berries mid day. Especially since fruit is in season (and cheap at Target Super Stores!) right now. Veggie on the other hand are a mixed bag. We buy lots and lots of mixed frozen vegetables, anything from the Asian mix to the Italian mix to the summer blends. Fresh veggies in our house usually just consist of Lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumbers, and baby carrots. Id love to do more zucchini and squash on the grill (we don’t have an outdoor grill but we do have a cook-top attachment like this that’s nice for steaks and veggies. Anyways I’m hoping to  really step up to the challenge and kick my veggie intake into high gear.

This week weight wise went pretty good. Lost 2.6lbs which puts me 4.2 lbs away from my goal for July 20th! my flight on the 20th is at 8pm so I’m hoping to get to a morning meeting to do a weigh in. I’m thinking I may go look for some new clothes this weekend. I really need some Capri’s and some cut summer tops that aren’t tanks and T’s, something a little nicer. Id also love some more skirts and dresses because they tend to last longer during weight loss. I also need to find a new cute dress for Manda’s wedding. Anyways I may wait until the weekend before I leave to make sure I’m the right size.